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Smooth-talking liar: Al-Rawi and Naqba

Posted by paulipoldie on May 18, 2008

Frequent readers of this blog will already be familiar with Omar Al-Rawi, the smooth-talking Muslim member of the Vienna city council, who represents not only the socialist party, but also the Islamic Religious Association. Apart from accusing a distinguished gentleman of being “an enemy of Islam”, he hit a new low today: “60 years of Israel equal 60 years of catastrophe”. In an op-ed in the Austrian daily “Die Presse”, Al-Rawi says, “The world is celebrating Israel, and we should be allowed to commemorate “Naqba”.




There are people celebrating 60 years of the founding of Israel, and there are others who are talking about “naqba”, Arabic for catastrophe. Joy and sorrow can lie together very closely. Some are celebrating an anniversary, others are still waiting for statehood. No one is speaking of the Palestinians’ right to statehood. Naturally no one will explicitly question this right, but implicitly everything is being done to prevent this from happening. Illegal settlements are criss-crossing the country and preventing it from being economically and politically viable. This is a policy of fait accompli, a done deal.


Ben Gurion himself once expressed its concern that the Arabs would never recognize Israel. Biblical legitimacy is unilateral, which may apply for the Jews, but this cannot obligate others, especially not the Arabs, the immediate adversaries in the conflict. The horrors of the Holocaust constitutes the convincing argument in this discussion, since none other than Abba Eban called the 1967 borders the borders of Auschwitz.


But this legitimacy is only partly universal, because the Holocaust has committed the Western world to its dark pages of history and because the Palestinians have nothing to do with the Holocaust. Still fresh in our memory is the refusal of the then Foreign Minister of Egypt, Amr Musa, who in the 1990’s refused the otherwise obligatory visit to the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial, saying that the Arabs could not be committed to the Holocaust.


What is left for the Arabs is the factualness of recognition of Israel. And this seems the only possible way of a pragmatic solution. Israel should allow more pragmatic rather than dogmatic discussions. Offers for a ceasefire of ten years or more should be accepted, because both politically and militarily the Israelis are overwhelming. They, above all others, bear the responsibility for ensuring that the deadlock point is overcome.


Jerusalem is already ethnically divided


Hamas will turn into a political movement, provided it gets the opportunity to do so. Such metamorphoses have often taken place in history. There must be a solution to the large problems – status of Jerusalem, settlements, right of return of displaced Palestinians – and they must be addressed urgently. Tony Judt says there will be no return of displaced Palestinians; conversely, it is time for the Jews to abandon their claims. Jerusalem is, as he says, already ethnically divided and, at the end of the day, will be the capital of both states. Israel cannot be spared of dark pages of its history and must come to terms with the past.

Thank God the Muslim immigrants in Europe have nothing to do with this dark history of Europe. But our new home obliges us bear and share responsibility with their history. You can not pick just the raisins. Therefore we are allies against any form of racism, anti-Semitism, but also Islamophobia. We will be part in dealing with history. But we will of course also show solidarity with the legitimate demand of the Palestinians. And so it should permitted for us to remember the “Nakba”.





There is only one rebuttal to these outrageous claims as of today. I shall translate and post this as soon as possible.


 by ESW

One Response to “Smooth-talking liar: Al-Rawi and Naqba”

  1. Es gibt keine andere Möglichkeit als diese mit Ihnen in Kontakt zu kommen!!!
    “KONTAKT” funzt nicht!
    Fälschlich und absichtlich beschuldigt eine eingewanderte muslimische Frau einen 73-Jährigen schwedischen Rentner wegen Mordbedrohung. Sie fordert einen Schadenersattz von 5500 EUR
    – so kann man heutzutage unverzÜglich in Schweden reich werden.
    – – – – – –
    Was tut der Beschuldigte?

    Er schreit!

    Er versucht Publizität zu kriegen!

    Jetz schreie ich!!
    – – – – – –
    …sorry for bringing up something rather disagreable!


    An immigrated muslim woman falsely and intentionally accuses a 73 years old Swedish pensioner for having thretened to murder her – she demands SEK 50,000 ($8,500) in damages.
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    On the blogsite http://mordhotadmuslima.blogspot.com/ please read a description in condenced form in English of an event that probabely will become increasingly common
    as time goes on and the friction between various immigrants of non western origin and ethnic citizens are increasing.
    The condenced story was originally published at Gates of Vienna
    The present event has been reported to the police by the muslim party as a murder
    threat, and the police absurdly suspects the pensioner for having threthende to kill
    the muslim woman.

    After the short description in English of this case there follows the unabridged original argumenting description in Swedish, actually in form of a polis(counter)report.

    A legal practice has evolved in Sweden whereby any Swedish citizen who is not a person of Swedish background – i.e. not belonging to the indigenous Swedish population but in most cases has an exclusive immigrant background – can bring legal action against anyone they allege has hurt their feelings or insulted them, in reference to gender, sexual orientation, skin colour, religion, nationality and more and with damages amounting anywhere from $2,000 to $20,000 USD, under penal code (brottsbalken) 16:8 – a totally insane rubber paragraph.

    Anybody in Sweden can become a victim of this modern thievery. The money after minor judicial proceedings is confiscated from the offender by the state and then handed directly to the offended party. The law is so lax that you could conceivably ask any foreigner the time, to which they might take offense and set the police on you from their cellphone.

    We indigenous Swedes are today governed by a system that cares more about strangers than of us – that prefers to provide for the wellbeing of strangers than for us; we persons of Swedish background, who together with our ancestors has built the country and who, by an uniquely in the world high taxation, make it possible for our repugnant power-elite to attend, without consent of us the people, to residence and subsistence for all these strangers from totally alien cultures.

    Please spread this URL: http://mordhotadmuslima.blogspot.com/ around the Net as far as you can in order to break the silence around this absurd accusation and this travesty of law. Copies of this message and the URL will be distributed to as many people as possible, the press. public authorities etc. and to individual bloggers and readers all over Europe.
    In the end of the blogsite there will be a register of all addresses this humble and urgent request has been sent to.
    Thank you for you cooperation!
    – – – – – – –
    Haben sie was vorzuschlagen?

    Jetz von hier bis wohin??



    Karl Martell, greife xu Schwert!

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