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How to fight (political) Islam

Posted by paulipoldie on June 20, 2008


An Ethical Basis for War Against Political Islam Newsletter #11
(The last of the series)

Attack the Near Enemy

Public Events
Islam frequently is represented at some public event where they hold forth on the “beauty of Islam”. Our scholar warriors must show up and pose difficult questions.

The Media
The news media is filled with misinformation about Islam. We must use letters-to-the-editor and guest columnists to correct and educate.

The letters to the media are an opportunity to be clever and harness all of our energies. In any such project we are faced with two limitations. We are largely ignorant, that is, we don’t have that many people who could be called warrior scholars. The second limitation is that we are not a community. Most people are isolated. We miss opportunities to use the force of numbers.

Let’s take an example: in 2006 in Minnesota Somali taxi cab drivers said that they did not want to carry passengers with bottles of alcohol from the air port. The airport authority was going to compromise with the Muslims, but they got over 400 e-mails from all over the nation protesting the creation of a separate level of laws for Islam. One e-mail, no matter how well written, does not have the influence of 400 e-mails.

We need a way to:

Create a community of scholar warriors
Select strategic and tactical targets
Launch mass attacks against a target

The Swarm software would help do all of the above. We must learn to work together as an army of scholar warriors.

Knowing the Far Enemy-The Tears of Jihad

We need to attack Islam along two fronts. The first is its political doctrine and the second is the history of its victims. Our ancestors have suffered too much to be thrown on the trash heap of history.

The Recovery Project
We must use two sources to recover the lost history of the victims of jihad. The first source is obscure historical works. There are some good out-of-print books that need reissuing. A second source of history is in other languages. The French have many works that need translation.

The out-of-print and foreign language books are the low-hanging fruit and easily picked. But there is another source of books-graduate students. Graduate students need thesis projects for masters and doctoral work. For a very small budget we can advertise grants and get top quality students to work and recover lost history. As an example, we could get African studies students to do work on the Islamic contributions to slave history.

Immigrant History
In Muslim countries, the kafir population is dropping like a rock. Countries that had a significant kafri population a century ago now have almost none. There are a handful of Jews left in Iraq. The people of the pharaohs, the Copts, are now only about 8% of Egypt’s population. Where do they go? They converted or went to the West.

Political Islam says that we live in dar al harb, the land of war. Proof that we live in the land of war is found in the refugees from jihad here in America. They are invisible. No one wants to know their history or horror. The growth of political Islam by jihad is a terrible suffering for the persecuted. Not only are their families and friends gone, but their cultures are gone too.

The first tragedy thrust upon these refugees is to be persecuted because they are not Muslim. The second tragedy is that no one wants to hear their stories. We must record their suffering to honor the dead and for use as weapons of war against Islamic imperialism.


We must develop a culture of film, video and audio propaganda. Books are necessary, but we must also have other sources of information. A system of making films and videos that can implement our strategy of building community, knowing the far enemy and attacking the near enemy.

This means that we need to build a film, video, audio, and financial culture to produce war propaganda. We must also prepare propaganda that is directed towards the blue collar workers. None of the books written today are of any use for the working classes. Short audio MP3 files can be used for everybody.

The Status of the Far Enemy

At this time, not one element of this strategy has been implemented at any real political level. However, political Islam has every single element of their strategy in place at the global, national, state, and local level.

The Advantages of the Islamic Political Doctrine
There are only three ways to discuss Islam. Religion, culture, and politics. You never make points by discussing religion. Their culture is their business. And the political aspect is all that harms us.

There are four ways to discuss Islamic politics: history, current practice, some Muslim’s personal behavior, or doctrine.
Islamic history is almost unknown and has been suppressed by our own fears. This has been covered in the section on Molested Children of Islam.

Current practice is what we see in the newspapers and on TV. This source is largely biased by the media elites never reporting the big picture about Islam.

Judging Islam by any Muslim’s actions is plagued by the question of how “Islamic” any Muslim is. There is only one solid simple ground to discuss Islam-its political doctrine as found in the Trilogy. It has many tactical advantages.Its facts can’t be challenged or denied. Any arguments based upon doctrine can’t be trumped. You can speak with absolute confidence. By definition, the doctrine is the real Islam.

The actual doctrine is precise and is now easily learned. The good news is that Islam never deviates from its “playbook” doctrine. Hence, it is easy to understand what they do and what they will do next.

You are bigot-proof. This entire work is based upon political doctrine. Not one Muslim is criticized. You can’t be a bigot in saying what Mohammed did and talking politics.

The facts of the doctrine are shocking and repulsive. You can win any debate with an apologist or Muslim by constantly returning to the doctrine. As long as you discuss doctrine you are winning. So when the apologist discusses how bad kafir policies are, how bad Christians are, or how they know a “good” Muslim; bring the talk back to the doctrine. You win.

The doctrine gives us the accurate language instead of multicultural, politically correct media language. changing the language. All of the names and terms used by Islam come from the Trilogy, but kafirs don’t use these terms or names. The jihad of Umar burst out of Arabia and crushed the Christian world of Syria, Egypt, and the rest of the Middle East. The Christians recorded it as an Arabic war. When Islam invaded Europe, Europeans called it a Turkish invasion. The jihad against Christian Spain was an invasion by the Moors. The Muslims called these events jihad.

In the early nineteenth century America sent the Navy and Marines to war against the Barbary pirates in north Africa. But the Muslims never called their naval raiders “Barbary pirates.” They called them ghazis, sacred raiders. Naming them “pirates” showed that the kafirs had no idea about the doctrine and history of Islam.

Look at the news today. The media report an intifada, uprising, by the Palestinians against the Israelis. But the terms intifada, Palestinian, and Israeli are misnomers. The truer terms are jihad, Muslim and infidel, if we follow the Koran. The doctrine of political Islam clearly states that jihad is to be waged by all Muslims against all Jews and other “kafirs.” Today is no different from 1400 years ago in Islam.

The events of 9/11 are recorded in the West as an attack by terrorists. Mohammed Atta, the leader of the 9/11 attack, was a pious Muslim. He left a letter clearly stating his intentions: 9/11 was pure jihad. An attack is a single event, but jihad is a 1400-year continuous process. Therefore, a terrorist attack is not the same as jihad. Terrorism does not have the same meaning as jihad.

Muslims’ names for their actions connect events and people with Islamic history and doctrine and show a continuing process. Kafir names are temporary, do not connect events, and show no meaning of historic process.

The only correct terms are those of Islam. The naming by the kafirs is wrong because the naming is a projection of Western culture. Correct naming leads to correct thinking.

This collection of tactics is incomplete, but is a place to start.
For 1400 years Islam has won a declared war against all. For 1400 years we have tried the strategy of appeasement. When threat did not work we have pretended that if you are nice enough Islam will be nice. We refuse to believe the doctrine of political Islam. It just can’t be true.

We cannot fight a defensive war to hold what we have. The war must be offensive and fought with the idea of defeating Islam. For 1400 years dhimmis have believed that some form of defensive coexistence can work. A defensive war against Islam has never worked for 1400 years and it won’t work now.

Islam’s power grows daily. Our government will not go to war against political Islam, but actually aids it through welfare, immigration and civil rights legislation.

For seven years since 9/11 individuals have studied Islam. But the time for individual effort is past. Those few who understand Islam must band together to form community, expose the far enemy and attack the near enemy.

It is simple. Fight or lose our civilization. Denial and pacifism are death of self and civilization

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