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A Trip to Malmo for Counter Jihadists

Posted by paulipoldie on May 24, 2009


A Trip to Malmo for Counter Jihadists

The Swedish city of Malmo to some extent allows once to take a prescient glance into the future of Europe as immigration and demography make it Islamic. Malmo may not yet be an Islamic city but it is well on its way to being awarded with that status. It was for this reason delegates at the International Civil Liberties Alliance Counter Jihad Conference were invited to take part in a fact finding tour of the city to see what other European cities had in store for them if our political establishment is allowed to continue to sell us down the Islamic river.

For safety’s sake the trip took place in daylight, rather than at night when mobs roam the streets in violent rage. Scorch marks were visible on rubbish bins and the police maintained a constant vigil even when we were there during the daytime. In fact we interviewed some of the police who had the misfortune of being assigned to this area. The video of this interview should be online shortly and is well worth watching.

We paid a visit to the famous Jihad Driving School, a must for any counter jihad tourist wanting to see the future of European driving instruction. There were funny looks from locals as we crossed such sites off in our guide books.

Residents of Herrgården seemed to be marking their territory as Dar Al Islam by using Arabic style lettering, how long will it be before actual Arabic is used in such areas and on street signs? I wonder if such concessions for Arabic culture are paid for out of the public purse. When does the anti Western madness stop, how much more ‘enrichment’ can western society cope with before it ceases to exist in a coherent form?

There is evidence of apartheid like segregation which shows that multiculturalism, when allowed to run to its logical conclusion creates a divided and inharmonious society. We visited a shopping centre that was effectively divided into Islamic and Swedish sections, with the former having the feel of a shopping area of a Middle Eastern city. Our presence resulted in many strange looks from shoppers, so out of place we looked in our Western clothes. It might have been my imagination but you almost feel the tension rising the longer we stayed. Eventually in the interests of cultural respect and interfaith harmony we retreated back to the Swedish enclosure, though even there was evidence of Islamisation – perhaps in the future Swedes will end up shopping in a completely different location altogether.
The political posters advertising demonstrations show the true mindset of Malmo these days. The one below is particularly instructive. In addition to the Arabic language is depicts Israel as a fascist state in order to try to delegitimize it. Such attacks on the only Western democracy in the Middle East illustrate quite clearly the Islamisation of Malmo. Perhaps the Swedish state will soon be grouped with Israel if it does not surrender to Islamist demands with the required degree of alacrity.

Our final stop was at the Grand Mosque of Malmo which is located a safe distance outside the inner city trouble spots in a much more tranquil setting.


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