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Counter Jihad Begins To Influence The Politics Of Europe

Posted by paulipoldie on June 6, 2009

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Counter Jihad Begins To Influence The Politics Of Europe

Exit polls (see article at telegraph.co.uk) suggest that Geert Wilders’ party will make massive gains in the European Parliament elections. If these are accurate, and I have no reason to believe that they are not, then it is a magnificent achievement by Geert Wilders and his party and encouraging to all of us in Europe who believe in freedom. It appears that a new politics is starting to emerge in Europe and establishment parties are losing their grip on power and deservedly so. I am sure that the European elections will be doubly gratifying to Geert Wilders, firstly because his party is showing the way for the whole of Europe and secondly because Gordon Brown, whose government banned him from Great Britain, is facing political oblivion as the Labour Party becomes politically untenable. People are abandoning Labour not just because of the expenses row or even its incompetent running of the economy. Many people are sick and tired of the political oppression of the Labour government, its drive to control and micromanage the lives of individuals, its institution of heresy laws to try to prevent debate on the issue of Islamisation, and the fact that it has presided over an unprecedented period of mega-immigration that the public does not want. The recent political crisis is only that last straw in a process of rising popular resentment caused by wilful ignorance of the popular will. The people want to see an end to Islamisation, political correctness and the nanny state. They want to see government in the national interest and not in the interests of a perverted Socialist experiment that aims to implement the deluded daydreams of politicians who seem to have a difficulty in accepting the nature of the real world. Those who have been involved in the counter jihad movement have played a role in helping create the new political environment that is now emerging in Europe, and the new possibilities for rational policy making. I would say that the Counter Jihad’s support of Geert Wilders has contributed, at least in a small way, to his success. Members of the Counter Jihad helped facilitate his aborted trip to the House of Lords that helped him gain huge publicity in the Netherlands when he was turned away at the border. It was after that that he began to make considerable progress in the opinion polls. It seems now that the Counter Jihad is starting to have an impact on the political history of Europe. It would be good to see the emergence of a Counter Jihad Group in the European Parliament led by Geert Wilders’ party and guided by Geert Wilders’ political philosophy. Geert Wilders approach is a model for all true conservative parties in Europe. In my view the most important task for conservatives in the next few years is for them to represent the interests of Western Civilisation and the virtues of free speech and individual responsibility that are its most cherished values. Geert Wilders is the main champion of these values and the natural leader of true conservatives in Europe.

Posted by Aeneas at Saturday, June 06, 2009



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