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Cultural Crime

Posted by paulipoldie on June 6, 2009


by Baron Bodissey

A primary characteristic of Islam is its bestial treatment of women. One of the notable dogs-that-did-not-bark is Western feminism, which has remained largely silent about brutality against women in the the Muslim subcultures of the West.

Oppression of women has strolled unnoticed into Europe, Australia, Canada, and the United States while the feminists concentrate on forcing the native male population to urinate while sitting down, or push to get lesbian sexual practices into school curricula.

Our Austrian correspondent ESW has translated some excerpts from Kurier about one woman’s efforts on behalf of immigrant Muslim women in her country who are oppressed, beaten, and killed:

Austrian Minister of Interior: “I want to protect those girls”

Girls with an immigrant background who are forced into marriages, who are beaten by their fathers, brothers, cousins: this is a “huge problem”, even in Austria, according to Maria Fekter, the minister of interior (ÖVP, conservative party). “There are quite a few murderers in our jails who have committed honor killings, but this is hushed up.”

In order to combat this phenomenon successfully, Fekter demands the introduction of the concept of “cultural crime”. This concept should describe those crimes that are illegal according to Austrian law, but which are part of an immigrant’s culture. “It is important to call a spade a spade.”

– – – – – – – –

Maria Berger, minister of justice (SPÖ, socialist), criticizes Fekter. “Murder is a murder whether or not it has resulted from an honor killing.” The Greens accuse Fekter of “being confused” and “election propaganda”.

In an interview with the Austrian daily Kurier Fekter rejects the criticism. “Let me remind all of those with simplified arguments that all parties voted in favor of the introduction and acceptance of the crime of female genital mutilation.” Back then, law experts argued that this was not necessary because FGM is considered a criminal assault. If, however, a mother approves of her daughter undergoing FGM, then it is considered voluntary criminal assault and therefore cannot be punished as a crime. “As a result I have introduced the concept of cultural crime.”

A short time ago, a judge in Frankfurt legitimated marital violence due to cultural reasons. “I don’t want any of this in Austria. I want to protect the victims.” In most case, the victims are female.

[Additional material from Die Presse.]


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