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Mission Europa – Mission Statement

Posted by paulipoldie on June 20, 2009

Mission Europa
Netzwerk Karl Martell
Mission Europa, with its slogan “Giving the silent majority a loud voice”, which is affiliated with the Austrian Association of Academics, was founded in 2007 in order to coordinate organizations working against Islamization. It is an internationally active organization based in Vienna, Austria, whose aim is to make public what Austrians experience with the extensive Muslim presence.
Austria’s scepticism about the “Turkishness” and a possible Turkish entry into the EU is based on the incompatibility of Turkey with western standards and life style. The two Turkish sieges of 1529 and 1683 prove the aggressive intention of Turkey.
Muslim groups propagate Austria’s Law on Islam as the ideal way to integrate Islam into a country. This law is considered a major export article for Austrian Muslims because “Look, Austria is good to Muslims because of this law; thus we need this law to be implemented throughout Europe.” In reality, the Law on Islam is an extremely bad model because it grants religious freedom without any consideration of Islamic anti-western ideology.
The public still does not know anything about the real Islam. It is our aim to put the facts on the table. It is very difficult to counter Islam because it is not only a religion, a way of life, a political ideology, and a legal system, but also a comprehensive state of consciousness. As a result, Islam does not only act on a political and social level, but also multi-dimensionally. Islam creates a different type of mind and a different type of human being.
There exist practically all legal instruments necessary for the control of Islamic incompatibilities but the Austrian Authorities do not sufficiently monitor Islamic subversive activities. We intend to apply the existing laws and dispositions in order to create common standards for all of civil society and in order to prevent the abuse of the concept of religious freedom by Muslims.

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