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Culturally Enriched Homophobia in Oslo

Posted by paulipoldie on August 23, 2009


by Baron Bodissey

The Fjordman Report

The noted blogger Fjordman is filing this report via Gates of Vienna.

Our Danish correspondent TB brought this Norwegian article to our attention. Fjordman kindly agreed to translate it, and follows it with his comments. From VG Nett: Mugger to Gays: — This is a Muslim district On the evening of Sunday 9th of August 2009, a gay male couple were on their way home from a concert and dinner in the center of Oslo and were walking hand in hand along the road just next to where they live, in the Grønland district of east-central Oslo. “Suddenly a man in his forties walked up to us and asked whether we spoke Norwegian. He then asked, ‘What is this?’ while pointing at our hands,” says Anders (24) to the newspaper Dagbladet. The man, who came from an immigrant background, clearly indicated that he didn’t accept this kind of behavior. “He said, ‘I don’t like this. This is a Muslim area.’“ The couple continued walking calmly along the sidewalk, but the man followed them and kicked one of them hard from behind. Anders’ boyfriend used his mobile phone to call the police, and the attacker quickly fled the scene. According to the Oslo police, the case in now under investigation. “We take this very seriously. The Norwegian gay couple have explained that they were walking and met a man around 40, who shouted that ‘This is a Muslim area, and we don’t tolerate this stuff here,’“ says Oddleif Sveinungsen from the Oslo police. My comments: – – – – – – – – – Technically speaking, the attacker was simply telling the truth: This particular district is for all practical purposes a Muslim area today, just as countless other urban areas across Western Europe have become, from Athens via Marseilles and the suburbs of Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels and Hamburg to Birmingham. Bergen: cultural enrichment Those who have been following the Scandinavian scene know that Malmö in southern Sweden is the worst town or city in this part of Europe when it comes to “diversity.” This is true, but when it comes to capital cities, I suspect that Oslo, Norway, is currently the worst among the Nordic countries, several orders of magnitude worse than Copenhagen, Denmark or Helsinki, Finland, and at least as bad as Stockholm, Sweden. A visiting Romanian friend even claimed that Oslo is now “worse than Paris.” I haven’t been to Paris for years and cannot confirm whether this is true. I suspect that Oslo is still not as bad as some of the larger cities such as Amsterdam or London, but it’s catching up fast, accompanied by wild cheers from the intelligentsia and the heavily left-leaning press. Siv Jensen from the right-wing Progress Party warned against a trend of “stealth-Islamization” recently. She was instantly compared to Nazi Germany by Per-Kristian Foss, an openly gay man from the “conservative” party. Native Norwegians are already a minority in some school districts in Oslo — among them the above-mentioned Grønland area — and will be a minority in their own capital city within a generation or so if the current level of immigration continues, and in the entire country later this century. When I was born, Norway was still almost 100% white and one of the most ethnically homogeneous countries in the world. If I live a very long life and remain here, I may live to be a minority in my own country. This in a country which gained its independence as late as the twentieth century and which has no colonial history. The “colonial guilt” argument which Multiculturalists often use as a verbal weapon against France, Britain etc. is invalid and irrelevant. Mass immigration is also heavily promoted in Finland, Sweden, and Norway. It’s not because of any “past colonial history”, it’s because we are white. Period. If you come to Oslo from abroad, you will usually arrive at the Oslo Central Station, which is very close to some of the worst areas in the city, including Grønland. When leaving the railway station and entering the main street, Karl Johan Street, you will be met by crowds of Somalis, Arabs and Kurds hanging around at street corners. There will be a few natives there, among them some drug addicts trying to get their latest shot of heroin or some blond girls acting as girlfriends/all-purpose sluts for members of various immigrant gangs. In the evenings you may also be fortunate enough to be harassed by aggressive Nigerian prostitutes. One recent addition to the Multicultural garden of diversity has been gangs of Gypsy criminals/organized beggars, who traveled to Western Europe instantly when Romania joined the EU. They have managed the almost impossible feat of outscoring even Muslim and African gangs when it comes to theft and petty crime. This is what you see today if you walk down the main street of central Oslo, along with a large number of pregnant veiled women. It gets slightly better when you approach the Royal Castle, but not too long ago there was a shootout in broad daylight between two rival Pakistani gangs close to the Nobel Peace Center. P.S.: The current chairman of the city government of Oslo, Erling Lae, is an openly gay man from the “conservative” party Høyre who loves mass immigration. The national leader of the conservative party, Erna Solberg, earlier called for the establishment of an official sharia council in Norway which Muslims can use for family matters. This would be “good for integration.”


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