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Gash: “Demonstrate wherever you can!”

Posted by paulipoldie on September 22, 2009


Stephen Gash, spokesman of SIOE, was talking with PI about the incidents at the anti-Islam rally in Harrow in September 2009 and about the Islamisation of the UK. Violent Muslims managed to prevent an officially allowed demonstration on September 11th – another milestone on the road to Eurabia.

PI: Mister Gash, many thanks for giving us an interview concerning the incident in Harrow on 11 September 2009. The demonstration in Harrow was called off by the police. However, one hour before the demonstration was supposed to begin, it was fairly obvious that many of the Muslim counter-demonstrators were ready to use violence. Consequently, there would have been enough time to call for back up. But one hour later, there were not enough policemen to enable the implementation of your demonstration, which was approved by the authorities. Do you think that the authorities were really willing to let this demonstration happen?

Gash: No. I think it was intended from very early on to not allow the demonstration. The impression I had was that the police anticipated a counter-demonstration from Muslims and the so-called anti-fascists, so they put 550 police officers around the mosque. However, when the numbers of counter-demonstrators grew to over 1,000 the police decided not to allow the demonstration to go ahead. I heard afterwards that people were being turned back from the area, at the tube stations and roads leading to the mosque, just as in Brussels in 2007. I don’t think the number of our supporters would have been big, perhaps 60 – 100, but we are pretty sure about 60 were prevented from getting to the demo by the police.

It would have been difficult for police to mobilize enough officers within an hour and I doubt they could have come from other parts of London because that would have left certain parts of London with too few officers on a Friday night. Bringing in police from outside London would have taken longer than an hour.

Many counter-demonstrators (Muslims and Non-Muslims alike) were carrying signs with slogans such as “Stop the fascist BNP” and “Racists out”. However, the SIOE clearly dissociates itself from racism on its website: “Racism is the lowest form of human stupidity, (…)”. How does the SIOE deal with racists who are willing to attend demonstrations who are organised by the SIOE?

We ban all political parties, so any party with a racist background would not be allowed to attend our demonstrations also. Political parties just want to advertise themselves, which distracts from the message of the demonstrations.

Counter-demonstrators use placards with “stop the fascist BNP” to make onlookers believe that the BNP is involved with the demonstration. This gives the UAF a kind of legitimacy it does not merit. However, until Harrow, SIOE never had any opposition in England at it demonstrations because SIOE is accepted in England as a non-racist and anti-totalitarian organisation.

This is why we have significant support from Copts and Hindus for example.

In fact, SIOE is the ONLY organisation in England that demonstrates against the persecution of Copts in Egypt. We always mention the Copts in our speeches in England.

We say, “An accusation of racism is the death rattle of a lost argument.” This is especially the case with Islam. Muslims are from many races and they willingly kill non-Muslims of all races.

The number of Non-Muslim counter-demonstrators was relatively small at the demonstration in Harrow (around 10 %). If the same demonstration took place in Germany, there would probably be significantly more Non-Muslim counter-demonstrators. Do you think that the British society is becoming more and more aware of the Islamic threat – after “7/7” and documentaries such as “Muslim first, British second” and “Undercover Mosque”?

We know that the vast majority of people want to stop Islamisation in England and other parts of the UK. Like other parts of Europe, England now has mini-Meccas where non-Muslims are not permitted. Our dhimmi government is seemingly willing to see more such mini-Meccas. Consequently, ordinary non-Muslims are unwilling to oppose SIOE and join self-styled anti-fascist groups.

The 7/7 bombings, the failed 21/7 bombings and other Islamic-terrorist incidents have worked in keeping people from joining the “anti-Fascists”. People know that Islamic hatred and Jihad are preached from the mosques, due to the documentaries and newspaper articles that have exposed, what the media call “radical mosques”.

Those of us, who have been trying to stop Islamisation, know that these mosques are just the same as those in Muslim countries like Pakistan, Iran, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia etc. They are not preaching radicalism, only Islam. Ordinary people just know that until the hate preaching is stopped, no more mosques should be built.

Can you please describe the current Muslim influence on British politics?

It is huge. We now have Muslim Ministers of State and like many EU countries the British Government is dhimmified due to oil. Britain has huge armaments sales to Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states. Through the Commonwealth, a legacy of the British Empire, Pakistan and other Islamic countries such as Malaysia, are able to exert considerable pressure on the British Government.

This causes conflict with other Commonwealth countries like India. Home Secretary, David Miliband, annoyed the Indian Government by suggesting the Mumbai bombings were due to India’s policy on Kashmir.

Britain always sides with Muslims in any conflicts. A notable example is Nigeria where Britain backed the Muslims in the north against the Biafrans in the south. Likewise, our Government never mentions the Copts in Egypt. Egypt was a former colony of the British Empire and that is where the Suez Canal lies.

The Iranian Government singled out Britain for special condemnation during their rigged elections. They accused Britain of interfering like “old colonialists”.

The legacy of empire is that Britain’s government treads carefully around former colonised countries, especially Muslim ones. This favouritism of Muslim countries is mirrored in Britain where Muslims are favoured over everybody else, by our government

How did the British society react to the entry ban of Geert Wilders in 2009?

I think that episode will mean the Labour Party losing power at the next election. It was profoundly embarrassing to the British people. On top of all the scandals and the wrecking of the economy, the British Government caving in to Muslims was humiliating, especially as London had been on the receiving end of Islamist bombings and more recently Glasgow airport had been the scene of a terrorist attack.

We have troops fighting Islamists in Afghanistan, but the British Government submits to Muslim threats in Britain.

The British Government are cowards, but the British people aren’t. I truly think that Geert Wilders being banned was the final straw that broke the camel’s back.

What kind of advice do you have for the Germans to restrict the spread of Islamic ideology in their society?

Demonstrate where you can, get an army of activists on the streets and also an army of armchair activists to write letters to politicians and the media saying how disgusted they are at how Germany is being Islamised.

Name and shame those councillors and politicians who permit favouritism to Muslims. Publish their contact details and get irate Germans to bombard them with emails and letters.

Organise boycotts of construction companies building mosques. Boycott food companies selling halal food. Demonstrate outside dhimmi supermarkets that cater for Muslims.

When Germans are told not to do something because it offends Muslims, do it. When Germans are banned from swimming pools during “Muslim times” turn up in hundreds and go for a swim.

Get a SIOE group of ordinary people to demonstrate against Islamisation and to expose how the German media do not report on Muslims atrocities around the world. Get a football supporter German Defence League, like the one in England, of young men who are not scared of Muslims. Get gays and lesbians to demonstrate outside mosques against the lack of human rights in Iran and Saudi Arabia.

The action has to be constant and from all kinds of people, sometimes with different groups together and sometimes only in their own groups.

The Germans are renowned around the world for their ability to organise. However, it will take an international effort to save all our countries.

Mr. Gash, we’ll be happy to give your good advice to our readers. Many thanks for the interesting interview.

The counter-demonstration in Harrow was for Muslims only:

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