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I Was In Birmingham Yesterday

Posted by paulipoldie on September 26, 2009


posted by Avenging Apostate

I was in Birmingham, UK yesterday. In my mind, at first, I was in any regular European city. Modernity, a vibe of freedom and a lot of pubs is what I was thinking would be waiting there to welcome just any infidel. In all honesty, what would you expect when you would go to a country but to see their culture in proud display everywhere? Little did I know, I was in for a big surprise!

After my flight to Birmingham day before yesterday, I was really tired so I decided to sleep through the night. When I woke up, I was naturally hungry. So I thought I’d get up and go have some Fish & Chips or something. I went out of my hotel looking for local restaurants. I found plenty of those but what surprised me and pissed me off to a great degree were the signs “100% Halal” that I could see everywhere. It shouldn’t have surprised me, knowing the current turn of events in Europe, but it did.

I don’t know how many of you are aware that my fiancé and I have decided to boycott Halal food altogether. Being from a Muslim background myself, I fully understand the meaning of Halal; I know what it means for meat to be Halal. It’s true that Halal, the word itself, means permissible. However, the process by which meat is declared Halal is, in our opinion, idolatry. When a Muslim butcher slaughters a goat or a cow, for example, not only does he make sure the animal is facing Mecca but he also recites “Be-ism-Allah-e-Allah-u-akbar” which literally translated means, “In the name of Allah, Allah is greater”. So, whenever you eat something that is Halal, you are bearing witness to that statement. And my fiancé and I have decided, we won’t worship Allah, the Muslim god, in any way or let the Muslims profit from us buying their food!

Living in a Muslim country, because of our decision, we pretty much have to not eat any chicken or beef or lamb or whatever else kind of meat you can think of apart from pork and fish. And we have been doing fine without it for about a year. However, whenever we go to “infidel” countries, we eat beef and chicken and whatever else we want, knowing that it is not Halal. And that is what I was hoping to do in Birmingham; I guess you understand me being pissed more now.

Anyway, that is not the only reason I was pissed (because eventually I did find a fast food restaurant that didn’t have Halal all over it and just to make sure it was “extra” Haram, I asked them to put bacon in it), another reason that I was pissed was that wherever I looked, I saw bearded men in their Pakistani or Arabic garb walking around. I heard Urdu and Arabic spoken on the street more than I did English. I saw more women wearing abayas or other things like it to cover themselves than I did free western women wearing skirts or other sorts of beautiful dresses. Yes, I was in Birmingham but I felt like I was back in Dubai or actually worse. I walked into a Borders bookstore there and I saw Qurans on the top shelf. The Bibles were kept on the third or fourth and no one cared but they made sure the Quran had the top spot. In my silent protest, I took one of the Qurans with my left hand and put it on the floor and left the store. I am sure that didn’t mean anything to anyone; I am sure that that Quran ended back up on the shelf but even when no one is watching, I won’t bow down to Allah; even when no one is watching, my God is!

You can read about it in the news, people can show you pictures of how bad England has become but you have to see it for yourself for your blood to actually boil. You have to see it for yourself to believe that England or at least Birmingham as we knew it is no more. We can keep telling our children stories about Charles Martel or the Siege of Vienna but those stories in the near future are going to mean nothing because, as I saw yesterday, Muslims have arrived. And they have arrived with full might. They have taken over stores, restaurants, streets and culture. Muslims have won the war and we haven’t even realized it. Even the most hardcore counter-jihadists among us are thinking, “Europe is going to be Muslim soon” but little do we realize that at least England already is. The only thing that’s left is for Muslims to declare it a Muslim state.

I came back from Birmingham appalled. I hated it. I hated every second that I had to spend there. Western civilization undone in front of our very own eyes. And who is responsible for all of this?

I blame you Britons. No, you weren’t helpless in all this. You weren’t forced at gun point nor were you conquered by another nation against your will. You willingly gave away your country in the name of multiculturalism and equality. You still don’t realize what has happened. I am sure the day you realize what you have done, you will fight harder than ever to reclaim your country but I’m afraid it’s going to be too late for you to just say to Muslims, “you know what? I think you should just leave!” I am afraid when you realize you’ve lost your country, you will have to reclaim it after losing millions of lives including innocent women and children who looked up to you in strong belief that you would protect them and put them before anyone else.

I really do hope Britain wakes up. I am sure it’s not just Britain but other countries in Europe also that are going through this. I have read up on it but I would like to see it myself. Sometime next month, if all goes well, I should be going to Paris for a day. I will make sure to write on that also if I see similar Islamization there. For now, I am just pissed because there isn’t a thing I can do but protest!

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