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Wake Up, America!

Posted by paulipoldie on October 22, 2009

Pat Condell at his best! A must-see.

transcription: ICLA

Transcript of Pat Condell’s Video: Wake up, America

You remember the cartel of Islamic dictatorships that hijacked the United Nations Human Rights Council don’t you? And then promptly passed a resolution banning the criticism of religion? Yes of course you do!

Well, apparently they’ve decided now that the Universal Declaration of Human rights gives people just a bit too much freedom and dignity for their liking. And so they’ve devised their own Islamic human rights charter which is a bit like Satan getting his own set of pearly gates and about as convincing. Unfortunately the Islamic charter is based on Sharia which is, of course, invalid because it’s God’s law and God doesn’t exist; to claim that he does is extremely offensive to those of us who passionately believe otherwise. It’s a grave insult to our most deeply cherished beliefs , an assault on the very core of our being, no less, and a violation, therefore, of our human rights – isn’t it?. Well, isn’t it?

Now all this would be something of a tiresome joke if not for the fact that this nonsense is beginning to have a real effect on our basic freedoms, certainly here in Europe, and Americans would do well to wake up and pay attention to what’s going on. Ever since the Islamic countries demanded that Western governments make it a crime to criticise Islam, all over Europe blasphemy laws and religious insult laws are being use to criminalise freedom of speech. The latest is Ireland, a country that has being literally raped by religion yet has passed a law protecting it from criticism. Talk about Stockholm Syndrome!

Free speech, they tell us, carries certain responsibilities; well too true, it does, the most primary one being that what you say should be the truth. And the truth should never be embarrassing and it should never be illegal, and any government that’s so embarrassed by the truth that it makes it illegal is governing under false pretences. The Dutch Government for example which is in the process of embarrassing itself by prosecuting the leader of one of the country’s largest political parties for the ‘crime’ of telling the truth. You see, these days in Europe we have become so used to weasel words and double standards that the truth has become distinctly unfashionable. Speaking your mind is now seen as virtually anti social because some opportunistic cry-baby is sure to take offense and throw a tantrum, and that might threaten community cohesion.

Now what has all this got to do with America? Well, President Obama is very keen on showing respect to the Muslim world and nobody can fault him on his record so far, bowing as he did to the King of Saudi Arabia like some kind of vassal, and then making a rather flattering and, some might even say, dishonest speech in Cairo, although to be fair to him he did stop short of prostrating himself towards Mecca… at least for the time being! But because he wants to play ball with Islam, especially now that they have given him a peace prize through their shills in the Norwegian establishment, that he’s going to have to justify for the next three years. The Iranians must be rubbing their hands with glee at that one.

The American Government has now done something that if they did it in their own country it would violate the Constitution. They have co-sponsored a UN resolution that puts a limit on freedom of speech because the Islamic countries don’t like free speech, they don’t like free anything, except free foreign aid – obviously they can’t get enough of that!

Even the Saudis want aid now, have you heard their latest? I could hardly believe it! The Saudis have said that when the world starts using less oil they expect to be compensated for loss of income! You really couldn’t make it up could you?

Now the problem with the new touchy-feely American administration is not that they want to be friendly and respectful towards everyone; that’s very laudable. It’s just that when you have a moral agenda like that it can be tempting to cut corners, especially when it comes to inconvenient things like… Constitutional amendments. And if they are doing this now outside the United States, where they can get away with it, it’s only a matter of time before this is allowed to become international law, and then you know they’re going to start trying to do it inside the United States as well; in the name of ‘community cohesion’- get used to that phrase America, it’s coming you way! And this matters, it matters a lot, not only to Americans but to all of us who see the American Constitution as the anchor for Western Civilisation, which is what it is! We know that no matter how spineless our politicians are here in Europe and elsewhere , and here in Europe they’ve barley got a vertebrae between them. As long as America’s First Amendment remains inviolate there will always be an oasis of freedom on this planet that Islam cannot touch. But as soon as anyone is allowed to interfere with it, to water it down, to reinterpret, to chip and chisel away at the First Amendment for reasons of religious or cultural sensitivity then we wave our civilisation goodbye.

Americans voted for change at the last election, they didn’t vote for surrender. Watch what’s happening in Europe America, cherish that Constitution and don’t let Islam anywhere near it for all our sakes. Remember the words of Mr Omar Ahmad, co-founder of the Council on American Islamic Relations, who said that Islam is not in America to be equal to other faiths but to become dominant and that the Koran should be the highest authority in America. That would be higher than the Constitution then by my reckoning.

You know, if President Obama is serious about showing respect to the Muslim world, then he should pay them the compliment of telling them the truth – that their religion is entitled to as much respect as it gives – zero! And that with their record no Islamic country has any business even holding an opinion on human rights, let alone serving on a legislative body. Then asking the people of the free world to compromise their fundamental values is far, far more insulting than any set of cartoons or any book could ever be. And that if the Islamic countries had an ounce of genuine honour between them, they would issue a full and unconditional apology. That’s what he should say, because that’s the truth. Everyone in the free world knows it’s the truth. So let’s hope the truth becomes fashionable again… before too long.

Peace – oh yes.

5 Responses to “Wake Up, America!”

  1. Cindy said

    Click to access taqiyah.pdf

    (29 KB pdf) “Islamic concept of Al-Taqiyah to infiltrate and destroy kafir countries

    … Al-Taqiyah is still in use today (and is widely practised and acknowledged by the Shi’ite sect) but not necessarily State-organized. Arab-Islamic missionaries are slowly converting the disillusioned criminal classes of the Western world by feeding them a Western “moderate” version of Islam (at the same time denouncing the actions of Muslims in the rest of the world as Un Islamic e.g. Taliban, GIA & FIA [Armed Islamic Front] of Algeria, Hamas, Lashkar -e Toyiba, Bin Laden and company, etc.)

    It is done to prevent the new converts from seeing the real face of Islam; at least until their faith or mental conditioning is strong enough to make them turn against their own country and people …”

  2. I’ve long been a fan of Pat Condell and am proud to say he was kind enough to subscribe to my own channel on YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/user/AhmadsQuran3) so it seems we’re in agreement on at least a few things.

    We Kuffar (everyone who doesn’t subscribe to Islam) are well aware of what believers in Muhammad do to us, when they can get away with it, and would like to do to the rest of us if they ever had the chance (none of which should come as a surprise because the hateful Quran gives them plenty of clear and detailed instructions in the way of blindly hating people and waging endless war against them – using all means available including stealth if that’s all you can get away with).

    However we often forget that they are all also victims of their own cult too! Yes, most of them live in self-inflicted poverty, violence and misery… the Quran expressly forbids most forms of human expression and enjoyment so no wonder live is both frightening and dull under, say, the Talaban – who are only ensuring proper implementation of “core” Islamic values….

    … Consequently everyone in the world is a victim, or would-be-victim of this cult of madness!

    But there is no reason why we should allow them to drag us down to their level or let them impose this backward, barbaric horror-story on us!

    Enough is enough; we must make it clear to them that at least in our democracies and our lands it is they who must accept and adopt our norms, laws and values, and not the other way around… we must refuse to let import and impose their disgusting and ridiculously backward and delusional 7th century ideas and practises into our more civilised 21st century world.

    We no longer need to feel intimidated by them and quelled into silence, let alone submission. There is now a way forward; light at the end of this otherwise darkening tunnel. Please visit http://www.Ummat-al-Kuffar.org (or if you prefer http://www.U-al-K.org which takes you to the same website).

    Everyone who owns or manages a blog or website; please copy the code from the “members” page to create an active link to the live graphic (that is a very important step). The more who do this the better.

    Thank you.

    Kind Regards,
    IQ al Rassooli

  3. By the way…. it might be useful for you to know (if you didn’t already) that most Muslims (for technical reasons I call them “Muhammadan Muslims”) heavily distort and pervert the use of many important but perfectly normal, everyday words that we usually assume are universally understood and so imagine that they are using in the same way we would. It’s just another of their silly, subtle psychological tricks and we must be very careful to notice every time they do it and never let them fool us.

    The word “Respect” is an excellent example….. when a Kafir (like me; Kafir and proud of it) uses this word we are usually talking about admiration, for example we respect people whom we also admire. When followers of Muhammad talks about “respect” they actually mean, confusingly, “intimidation”. For example when they demand respect they are really demanding that you accept their intimidation and feel totally defeated by them. It’s just bullying, pure and simple.

    There are numerous other examples…. e.g. their idea of “innocence”, as in their claim that “the Quran forbids the killing of innocent people”. Well, kind of, perhaps. You see Muhammad made it clear that not to utterly believe in him was, without question, a terrible crime. Therefore unless you happen to submit to Islam you cannot (by their definition) be “innocent”.

    That’s why his followers (who of course include almost all of the world terrorists) can happily say they don’t believe in killing “innocent people” because from their point of view they don’t.

    When they randomly murder people who do not submit to Islam they consider they are doing good as none of these “Kuffar” are innocent in their warped minds. When in the process they accidentally kill a few of their fellow believers (or themselves) that’s no problem either as they consider it jolly lucky and a huge blessing to die either directly or indirectly from Jihad – in fact its what they all desire most as they believe its a sure way to go straight to their “brothel in the sky” where they can immediately start molesting a few of their 72 mindless virgins!

    There’s plenty more but I hope that was a useful introduction for those of you who didn’t realise just how bizarrely Islam re-wires these people’s brains?

    Kind Regards,
    IQ al Rassooli

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