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It’s Showtime!

Posted by paulipoldie on November 3, 2009

EU Skull Dragon
It seems that Kent Ekeroth’s mission to Prague last weekend was a futile effort.

President Václav Klaus, after months of political and financial arm-twisting — including the ominous spectacle of Don Corleone Nicolas Sarkozy casually slapping a baseball bat into his palm next to Mr. Klaus’ head — has finally caved in and signed the Lisbon Treaty on behalf of the Czech Republic.

I’m amazed that he held out as long as he did. The blatant and egregious threats issued by the leading lights of Europe’s political class made it obvious that Mr. Klaus would have to give in eventually. Too many blood vessels feeding the European carcinoma have become intertwined with the Czech circulatory system — there was no way for the Czechs to excise the EU cancer without killing the patient, at least financially.

Here’s the report from The Washington Post:

Czech President Klaus Signs EU Treaty

PRAGUE (Reuters) — Czech President Vaclav Klaus signed the EU’s Lisbon Treaty on Tuesday, bringing into force the EU’s plan to overhaul its institutions and win a greater role on the world stage.

Klaus was the last EU leader to ratify the treaty and his signature means the bloc of nearly half a billion people can pick its first president and a more powerful foreign representative to speak for it in global affairs.

The treaty is aimed at giving the EU a bigger clout on the world scene and making it more flexible. This is intended to match the rise of emerging powers such as China.

The comparison is apt. Lisbon is also designed to make Europe more like China politically. The New Europe faces suppression of dissent, state control of everything (including the internet), and a permanent ruling oligarchy whose only goal is the maintenance and enhancement of its own power.

The staunchly eurosceptic Czech president signed the pact after the country’s Constitutional Court threw out a complaint against the treaty earlier on Tuesday.

“I had expected the court ruling and I respect it, although I fundamentally disagree with its content and justification,” Klaus told reporters. “I signed the Lisbon Treaty today at 1500 (local time),” he said.

Klaus had been banned by law from signing the treaty until the court had ruled on a complaint by his allies in the Czech upper house of parliament, the Senate, who argued the treaty would erode national sovereignty.

Well, of course it will erode sovereignty — that’s what the treaty is explicitly designed to do, for crying out loud! Only a half-wit or someone who takes diplo-babble seriously could believe otherwise.

“An ever-closer union” — that’s what the Treaty of Rome, the Treaty of Maastricht, and Lisbon Treaty have all been intended to produce. How can you achieve an ever-closer union without giving up the right to decide how thick the rind on your cheese may be? Not to mention your taxation and immigration policy.

The article continues:
– – – – – – – –

The court rejected the arguments. “The judgment was unanimous; none of the judges filed a dissenting opinion to either the judgment or its reasoning,” the court said in a written verdict.

The Czech parliament has approved the pact but Klaus long argued against it, saying it would turn the EU into a superstate with little democratic control.

“With the Lisbon Treaty taking effect, the Czech Republic will cease to be a sovereign state, despite the political opinion of the Constitutional Court,” Klaus said.

President Klaus has hit the nail on the head. He is now presiding over the final period of sovereignty for his own nation. All those European countries who gained freedom from Tsarist and then Soviet domination have just elected to submerge themselves in a far more insidious tyranny. The EU hands out soma rather than a neck-shot, but it is none the less totalitarian for it.

After Klaus’s signature, the treaty will come into force probably in December, turning attention to who will be the EU’s first president.

EU leaders failed to agree at a summit last week in Brussels on who should take the job, whose powers are still somewhat unclear, and a special summit may be needed to reach a deal.

The latest word is that Merkel and Sarkozy have maneuvered to keep Tony Blair off the throne, and there are hints that Dutch prime minister Jan Peter Balkenende may be able to leap into it just before the Wilders steamroller flattens his political career in the Netherlands:

The chances of the once-favored candidate, former British prime minister Tony Blair, seem doomed after he failed to win an endorsement from the European Socialists, his Labour Party’s allies.

No front-runner has emerged, but possible contenders include Dutch Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende, former Finnish prime minister Paavo Lipponen and Luxembourg Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker.

Now the fun begins.

Come the first of December, the New Europe will begin to take shape. Nations will be replaced by “regions”, yoking the Danes to the Scots and the English to the Walloons. In the erstwhile states that make up the EU, time-hallowed national political institutions — parliaments, presidents, monarchs, and the like — will become quaint atavisms, powerless entities reduced to the status of tourist attractions or comfortable backwaters where cronies who have fallen out of favor may be granted sinecures to keep them out of trouble.

Real power will be wielded from Brussels and Frankfurt. There will still be elections to the European Parliament in Strasbourg, but its members are unable to initiate legislation, which may only emerge from the unelected European Commission. The Parliament will a provide lucrative stop for the aspiring Eurocrat, and a talk-shop for the disgruntled. If its members are so tactless as to say anything controversial, no problem! Their indiscretions will simply never appear in the compliant organs of the press.

The State is already electronically listening in on its citizens in Sweden and the UK. Expect that capacity to expand and spread across the whole of the EU, further incapacitating the already-damaged right of Europeans to think and speak freely. By such methods the European populace will be kept anesthetized and docile while its successors are imported from Turkey, Algeria, Libya, Palestine, Iraq, Pakistan, and Somalia.

To our American readers: don’t get complacent! As Ralph pointed out, this is our future, too.

In the European example we have been granted the privilege of a peek at what’s to come here in the USA. It’s not just Obama and the Democrats who will be responsible for it — George Bush and the Republicans were equally indifferent to the idea of a sovereign national border.

Obama will hand over control to the UN sooner than would the Republicans, but that’s simply because he’s in the front car of the train and will get there first.

The entire political class is packed into the club cars and sleepers on the same train, and they’re all headed for the same destination.



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