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Pamela Geller: The Jihad Decade Cometh

Posted by paulipoldie on January 2, 2010

As we look back on the past American decade, one wonders how we could be entering a *post-American” decade. How did it all go so so wrong, so quick …….so bad?

2000 kicked off with the Democrat ruse of a “stolen election”, this from the racketeering party of ACORN — but thankfully, it was not not stolen after all. Bush took the reins and the culmination of all the Islamic attacks on the US and the promise of Islam’s fatwa on the West all through the Clinton administration came home to New York and Washington.

The second fatwa originally published on February 23, 1998, to declare a holy war, or jihad, against the West and Israel. It is signed by Osama bin Laden, head of al Qaeda; Ayman al-Zawahiri, head of Jihad Group in Egypt, and several other Islamic terrorist groups.

And while the Bush Doctrine was the right approach (you are either with us or against us), the well dressed jihadists that Islamists like Grover Norquist ushered into the White House after 911 managed to sabotage the best strategy to fight Islamic jihad. The whole hijacking a religion fantasy and “religion of peace” nonsense was patently untrue. It confused people, and even those whose job it was to fight the enemy were unaware that their co-worker was an Islamist who was advancing the cause of Islamic Supremacism.

In February of ’09 I asked Douglas Feith in a blogger interview, “To what extent did the Islamic doctrines of jihad and the requirement to subjugate infidels under the rule of Islamic law enter into your calculations for Iraq, and do you think the persecution of Christians had anything to do with thosedoctrines?”

Douglas Feith replied,

“The jihadist ideology was obviously a major issue  in our analysis of the strategy for the war on terrorism. And one of the things the Pentagon took the lead on was calling attention to the ideological component of the war on terror, and one of the things I deal with with in the book (which is a very sad story), was how it was Rumsfeld and General Myers and others atthe Pentagon , who over and over again, right from the beginning, right after 9/11, were emphasizing the importance of an ideological effort, a strategic communications effort and a general strategy for countering ideological support for terrorism. And when the rest of the government wasn’t doing very much in that area, we created within my office, within the policy office atthe Pentagon, the Office of Strategic Influence to do work in this area. And the Public Affairs people in the Pentagon and other people around the US government were very unhappy with the creation of this office, some of it was for turf reasons and some of it was for other reasons, but one of the consequences was somebody leaked – well, leaked, no – no, somebody lied – to The New York Times and gave a report saying that this Office of Strategic Influence was intending to lie to foreign journalists. And The New York Times ran a front page story saying that. It caused a big imbroglio that resulted in the shutting down of this office.

I don’t think the US government has recovered to this day from that fiasco, because every time anyone suggested creating an office to really deal with jihadist ideology in a systematic or strategic way atthe Pentagon, people would say, oh, no, we are not going to have another Office of Strategic Influence problem. And that meant the Pentagon couldn’t do it, and the Pentagon was the place that kept recognizing the importance of the ideological struggle. The State Department, which was the logical place to do it, for its own institutional and cultural reasons wasn’t inclined to fight the battle that way, and they tended to think that all we needed was a public diplomacy campaign.

And those brave men and women who evaluated and exposed the jihadist ideology in these very agencies were marginalized, dismissed, and even fired. Who can forget the case of counterjihad expert Steve Coughlin, the Pentagon’s most knowledgeable specialist on Islamic Law and jihad terrorism? The Pentagon ended the career of its most effective analyst, who was attempting to prepare the military to wage ideological war against jihadism, at the behest of a Muslim aide, Hesham Islam, within the office of Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England. Dr. Andrew Bostom wrote that of course “there is no evidence that Mr. Islam—distinctly unlike Mr. Coughlin—had any specific expertise on the theory or historical practice ofjihad; indeed Gordon England’s Egyptian Muslim aide is touted for his public relations skills—a sort of English-speaking Muslim Dragoman to the global Islamic umma.” Bostom wrote that according to Deputy Secretary England,

Hesham [Islam] helps me understand people’s different perspectives and how they see things. He has a cultural background that’s very helpful, but he also works at it very hard to get a better understanding of people and how they think.

Couglin’s firing was “pathognomonic of the intellectual and moral rot plaguing our efforts to combat global jihadism”.

And so the drip, drip, drip of jihad continued through the last decade, as we became more paralyzed, impotent and deceived. The leftist Islamic alliance, a deadly marriage between the Democrat party and their propaganda handmaidens in the mainstream media, engaged in daily beatings ofBush and his administration.

Removing Saddam Hussein was good. Period. No way around that powerful truth. But why stop there?  Removing Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as well would have been even better. ButBush lost his mojo in 2006. The relentless pounding by the left, Israel’s half assed performance in the war with Hezb’allah in the summer of ’06, and the loss of the House and the Senate in November, all contributed to the rout.

But what really led to the downfall of Bush’s leadership was that his premise was false. He wanted to believe, like Condi and Powell and the soft diplomacy crowd, that Islam would negotiate with the West. Islam cannot negotiate. It is their mandate. Still the West continues its pursuit of  the impossible despite great risk. This is a function of the Western mind. These people think that it is inconceivable that talk can’t solve anything and everything. That war is not indelibly part of the human condition. But it is. War is as much the make-up of man as sex, food, art, love, all of it.

And wars must be fought. They will not disappear, but we will.

Of course we know this. But the left, our in-house enemy, demonizes any war that America chooses to fight. The egregious, horrible crimes of Mao, Stalin, Bin Laden, Che, Pol Pot, Ahmadinejad, et al, which are so heinous, so enormous, are in their terrible minds an historical footnote. They become cultural icons for the “radical chic”. Cold blooded monsters have co-opted our country.

And so successful was the left at infiltrating our government, schools, and institutions that eight years after the most heinous attack on American soil, we elected an icon of our mortal enemy. A Kenyan, Indonesian, Third Worlder boulevardier with as much understanding of the American experience as any foreign national. Don’t call me a racist for calling him what he is — I am not interested in the color of his skin, but in the content of his character. That Sixties smear don’t fly no more. His lack of experience in all relevant areas to the office of the President is breathtaking. And his bowing to Islam and our enemies worldwide is disastrous. 2009 was a nightmare.

Bush’s premise was false but Bush was a patriot. Bush loved America and he protected America, even if he refused to see the enemy for who and what it was.It was no accident that America was safe for eight years post 911. Eight years of safety is cracking apart now under a muhammadan president. The jihadi attacks on America in 2009 were staggering. And it’s only just begun.

The military has suffered its greatest losses month after month under Obama rule. The CIA suffered stunning losses in Afghanistan. Red State reports, “The CIA agents who work in the shadows and the troops in the field talk about Barack Obama in private moments with derision and ridicule. He is a joke to them. Former CIA Operative Wayne Simmons, said the ‘catch and release’ policy of the administration has reduced CIA morale to a level he describes as ‘pathetic, low, horrible.'”

Dismantling the Bush protections against jihad and launching attacks on Americans, bloggers, tea partiers, town hallers, patriots, vets is incomprehensible — and if I hadn’t lived through it, I wouldn’t believe it possible.

I pray that America examines the Left decade and takes stock. It was the appeasement of the Left that destroyed the foundations of this country. We must build them again. The advancement of Islam would never have been possible, could never have happened, without our surrender to the Left. The real war is against the Leftist/Islamic alliance.

This is a fighting year.


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