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Euro-Med Partnership: 50 Million More Muslims Into Europe

Posted by paulipoldie on January 6, 2010

…ultimately reaching the EU’s four fundamental freedoms: free movement of goods, services, capital and people (more here)

Last week I ran a column in The Washington Times, The American Thinker and Newsmax on the Euro-Med partnership (more like a suicide pact).

My colleague, legal eagle John Jay, has been studying the documents relating to Euro-Med. The findings from his research are staggering. The Euro union will import an almost incomprehensible number of Muslims into Europe.

50 million laborers with families. By year 2050 the Islamic population will be 25-30% of the Euro population. Perhaps over 100 million Muslims in Europe.

Association agreements,” parse out how the E.U. and countries involved in the Euro-Med are going delineate what the concrete relations are. This link at wikipedia explains what “association agreements” are: in effect, they are individualized “changing courses” negotiated between the Euro Union and the countries.

Here is a very good synopsis of Euro Union documents, a digest.

The US Muslim engagement document, the blueprint for the Obama administration and a charter for our dhimmitude, parallels these plans. It’s the same “cross-culturalization” plans discussed and recommended in the Euro-Med partnership. (More on the US Muslim engagement here and here.)

Take, for example, a look at the association agreement with Egypt. It talks of the same things as “changing course”. Links galore, except they have all been suspended, and are routed into a new site for the European Union, and you cannot find anything in there. They have hidden everything having to do with this. I am surprised this page is up, which is why I have taken a screen shot of it while it’s still up:

Association Agreement with Egypt
– training of persons working in the cultural field.
Promote cultural cooperation of a commercial nature, production, investment and marketing, training and exchange of information. Cooperation in the field of audiovisual media shall seek to encourage cooperation in such areas as co-production and training. The Union shall seek ways to encourage Egyptian participation in Community initiatives in this sector. See article 71.

The “association agreements” with Egypt, Jordan, etc. — that’s where the rubber meets the road on fleshing out agreements on culture, immigration, leadership exchanges …

Association Agreements between the European Union and the Mediterranean Partners The bilateral track of The Barcelona Process foresees a bilateral section governed by a series of bilateral Association Agreements. There are certain common aspects to all of them: political dialogue, respect for human rights and democracy, establishment of WTO-compatible free trade over a transitional period of up to 12 years, provisions relating to intellectual property, services, public procurement, competition rules, state aids and monopolies, economic cooperation, cooperation relating to social affairs and migration and cultural cooperation. To come into into force, the Agreements must be ratified by the European Parliament, the Parliaments of the EU member states and the partner country. This procedure is long. The Agreements foresees reduction of the custom rights for industrial and agricultural products.

A new Euro-Med University was formally launched on 9 June, 2008 in Slovenia. Based in Piran, on the Adriatic coastline, the University will initially be developed by the Centre for Euro-Med Studies. (more here)

Universities and research insitutes are invited to become partner insitutions [sic].  So far , from the UK, the Universities of Westminister, Cambridge and Bristol have expressed interest.

Cross culturization among universities and colleges. Institutional fascism and historical revisionism. Education and history though an Islamic prism.

If you go to the EMUNI (Euromed University) site, it gives you a clear indication of what they are up to. Front and Center is the Organization ofIslamic Conference (OIC’)’s Alliance of Civilizations:

Cairo, Egypt, 15 – 16 Dec. EMUNI representatives were part of the accompanying delegation of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia at his official visit to the Arab Republic of Egypt. In the frame of the visit Prof. Dr. Joseph Mifsud and Ambassador Mohamed Rifaah (Assistant Foreign Minister, head of the Institute for Diplomatic Studies) signed a Memorandum of Understanding. More…

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The first Alliance of Civilizations’ South-East European Conference was held in Sarajevo. It was attended also by Prof. Dr. Joseph Mifsud, who was a panelist at a session dedicated to intercultural dialogue and opened by Hans D’Orville, Deputy Director General of UNESCO. More…

Bat Ye’or said the following of the Alliance of Civilizations in a speech given at the Counter Jihad conference in Brussels in 2007: The Alliance of Civilizations, created to oppose the clash of civilizations, that is jihad, has also added pressure. On 13 November 2006, the High-Level Group of the Alliance of Civilizations presented its report. which sums up the request of the OIC at its Mecca Summit in 2005, after the Cartoons affair. First, it adopts the Islamic view of history and politics by claiming that everything was fine between the three monotheistic religions until the 19thcentury, when the evil of European colonialism and Zionism destroyed this harmony. Then it affirms that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the main source of Christian-Muslim antagonism, not the jihadist war and ideology that deny for others the right to exist. It proclaims that this conflict “remains one of the gravest threats to international stability” and formulates recommendations that again echo the OIC requests. Such views mirror Hitler accusing the Jews of fomenting World War II, or the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, praised in the Hamas charter, the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood which denies Israel’s right to exist.

Why would Europe undertake such a diabolical and disastrous immigration bomb? And that’s what this is. Geert Wilders said in a speech at Columbia University in October 2009:

Make no mistake: Islam has always attempted to conquer Europe. Spain fell in the 8th century. Constantinople fell in the 15th century. Vienna and Poland were threatened, and now, in the 21st century, Islam is trying again. This time not with military armies, but through migration and demography.

For the first time in world history there are dozens of millions of Muslims living outside the Dar al-Islam, the Islamic world. Europe now has more than 50 million Muslims. It is expected that one fifth of the population of the European Union will be Muslim within 40 years.

In 1974 no one took the Algerian President Boumédienne all too serious when he said to the UN general assembly: “One day millions of men will leave the southern hemisphere of this planet to burst into the northern one. But not as friends. Because they will burst in to conquer, and they will conquer by populating it with their children. Victory will come to us from the wombs of our women”. End of quote.

And Libyan dictator Gaddafi said: “There are tens of millions of Muslims in the European continent and the number is on the increase. This is the clear indication that the European continent will be converted to Islam. Europe will one day be a Muslim continent”. End of quote.

Indeed Gaddafi is telling the truth here, through the Islamic concept of migration – called Al Hijra – Europe is in the process of becoming Eurabia.

The final nail in the lid of the coffin, the notes from the Euro Commission to the underlings at the Euro parliament…



An area of freedom, security and justice serving the citizen

In particular, there are rules that make legal immigration fairer and easier to understand, a common agenda has been agreed for facilitating integration into European societies, and stronger action is being taken against illegal immigration and human trafficking. Partnerships have also been established with non-Union countries so that questions associated with migration can be managed in a concerted fashion. page 2-3

In 2006 there were 18.5 million non-EU nationals registered in the Union, which is about 3.8% of the total population. Migratory pressures can be expected to grow further. This is due to population growth and poverty in many of the countries of origin, and to the ageing of the population of Europe: between 2008 and 2060 the number of people of working age is expected to fall by 15%, or about 50 million.

Why? Why cause that social strain, expose the union to the inevitable violence? John Jay believes:

it is because the left does it on purpose to cause precisely that violence and upheaval. so that they may use islam as storm troopers to attack opposition to euro union politics amongst the population, kill or drive out nationalists, and so that the euro union may then step in and assert itself over a population that will have no other entity with whom to cast its lot.

it will then be “loyal” to its “protector,” the euro union, having no more allegiance to the nation states.

well, it worked for tito, and it worked for stalin, for a time. didn’t it. didn’t think of it just in that way, did you.

Read the essay.

The source notes:

this llink is to a whole host of research materials i read and gathered to do the main essay. it contains text from and a link to the paris convention of the euro union which announced a policy of immigration to meet anticipated domestic labor shortages; it contains text from and a link to the entire 355 page pdf document of a euro-med (part of the eu) “association agreement” with europe in which chapters 64-67 describe the workings of such an immigration accore; and, it contains a text from and a link to a nov./dec. communique from the president of the euro union commission to the euro union parliament with an estimate that the labor shortage which this immigration to replace will require replacing 50 million european workers by year 2060.

UPDATE: Atlas reader anti-jihadist found this story: Sahara Sun to “help Power Europe”. He opined, “A recent development to have 15% of Europe’s electricity supply coming from concentrated solar power plants in North Africa. This in a contract worth $400 billion! If the plan is realized, could the future Colonel Ghadaffis not end-up controlling Europe’s electricity supply – and economy – at the click of a switch? To have 15% of electricity lost in a split second could result in power cuts, blackouts and chaos on an extreme scale…

And what could this make careerist politicians of the future willing to agree to, to avoid such a scenario?” Euromed.

Qaddafi tried to hold off on Euromed. He refused any involvement of Israel  – perhaps they bought him off.


8 Responses to “Euro-Med Partnership: 50 Million More Muslims Into Europe”

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  2. Thank you for bringing this very important topic up. It is wilfully avoided in the Media, just a few blogs like http://euro-med.dk/?p=9049 have described this Leviathan, the Euromediterranean Process, which was launched with the Euromed Declaration of Barcelona 1995:
    http://euro-med.dk/EU-Documents/Barcelona-Declaration-Adopted-At-The-Euro-Mediterranean-Conference-27-28-11-95.pdf (Copy, because it has been removed from the internet). It was reaffirmed when the Union for the Mediterranean was launched in Paris on July 13, 2008 http://www.emuni.si/Files//Dokumenti%20PDF/Joint_declaration_of_the_Paris_summit_for_the_Mediterranean-EN.pdf. In Naples on Dec. 2-3, 2003 at the VI. Euromediterranean Foreign Minister Conference, the EU Foreign Ministers promised the 10 partner countries´populations EU´s 4 freedoms – among the free movement for people in the Euromediterranean area http://euro-med.dk/EU-Documents/Sixth-Euro-Med-Ministerial-Conference-28-November-2003-031128-Euromed-En.pdf. The EU has secretly opened recruiting offices in Mali http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/65628/Secret-plot-to-let-50million-African-workers-into-EUDavid%20hamiltonMORE and now in Cape Verde as well, for a start, in order to recruit 56 mio. Africans + families to the EU area by 2050. The latest is that former EU Commissioner, now Italian Foreign Minister, Frattini, declares the Union for the Mediterranean to expand to the Persian Gulf, including Saudi Arabia and the Emirates http://www.ansamed.info/en/top/ME11.WAM20113.html – the Secretary-General of his Foreign Ministry even stating that Iraq is to be included http://www.ansamed.info/en/top/ME11.WAM60219.html.

    They are doing all this to us native Europeans, because they wan to “radically ckange” the old societies through Muslim immigration. at Tony Blair´s speech writer puts it http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1222613/Labour-let-migrants-engineer-multicultural-UK.html

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  4. […] and MSM, has roused interest in important blogs – in some cases with very thorough analyses: Mission Europa Netzwerk Karl Martell, and summer patriot, winter soldier, The  Atlas Shrugs, The American Thinker, Winkelried, and […]

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  8. Meanwhile, the British Government has set up secret extermination centres in every town misleadingly called family planning clinics where our women are told, it’s only cells, it’s a very simple procedure.

    200,000 Abortions per year ( that’s 4000 per week, 1 million every 5yrs, 7.2 millionsince 1970 )

    But even that is not enough, so now they are advertising abortion on TV.

    But not even that is enough, mp’s are toying with the idea of sterilizing our children.
    sterilise British children

    Meanwhile, another 50 million secretly invited into the EU to take our place.

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