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Austria – The Immigration Jihad

Posted by paulipoldie on March 31, 2010

By Daniel Greenfield

Monday, March 29, 2010

Several hundred years ago when the forces of Islam wanted to capture Vienna, they came with the sword and the cannon and laid siege to the city walls. Today they simply take a plane. While Vienna was able to resist repeated sieges, it was not able to resist Islamic immigration, and as a result the city looks a good deal more the way it would have had it fallen to an actual siege. Today as much as a third of Vienna is of foreign origin. And as many as 50 percent of Viennese schoolchildren have a non-German language as their mother tongue.


Immigrants want Sharia law introduced in Austria

Austria itself is projected to have as many as half a million Muslims. This would be catastrophic enough in a country with a smaller population than the state of New Jersey, but it is far more catastrophic considering how much of that population skews youthful. The Muslim birth rate is nearly double that of the Protestant and Catholic birth rates. This results in a demographic shift in which statistics may deceptively peg the Muslim population of a country at only a fraction of its real power and growth potential, thereby blinding the government and the population to the reality of how bad things already are.

The practical implications of this are obvious enough, as they are everywhere else. The majority of Turkish immigrants polled by the Interior Ministry said that they want to see Sharia law introduced in Austria. Those same immigrants also stated by a decisive majority that Islamic laws were more important than Austrian laws, and blamed “democracy” for crime. The Austrian government has predictably tried to treat it as an integration problem, but as the survey shows, Muslims are enthusiastic enough about integration. They just mean to integrate Austrians into an Islamic Republic of Austria, rather than the other way around.

The example of Vienna, where the Islamic conquest of Europe was once halted, is a telling testament to the power of the Immigration Jihad. What the armies of Islam could not do en masse over several centuries, a permissive attitude toward Islamic immigration managed to do in only a few decades. The Gates of Vienna have not only been breached, they have been occupied by the enemy. And now the motto of the Vienna Tourism Bureau urging visitors to come is, “Vienna: Now or Never”.

Where once upon a time Islamic armies had to lay siege, plant gunpowder charges and finally breach the walls in massive costly charges—today they can simply hop a plane. And so what started out as a few newspaper vendors, factory workers and janitors, morphed into a full blown cultural invasion complete with a network of Islamic schools where students are taught that Islam is incompatible with democracy, that Muslims are superior to non-Muslims, and where 8.5 percent of the teachers surveyed said that it is understandable when violence is used to spread Islam. The pattern however is not limited to Vienna, it exists worldwide.

Muslims move into former depressed manufacturing centers, such as Detroit, Jersey City and Buffalo in the United States or Manchester in the UK, and buy in cheaply. and take over the base economy, moving into the lower echelon job market, replacing existing stores with cheap family run places, essentially servicing the decline. Like bacteria attacking an already weakened part of the body politic, they move into places already suffering from a declining population and looking for some means to revitalize themselves. And initially the rising Muslim population, which buys up property, opens new businesses and injects new energy into the city appears to be doing just that. Except of course whatever they put in, they quickly take out in the form of social services expenditures. The municipalities discover that the price for their newfound Muslim population is rather high.

Entire areas of the city become “No-Go” Muslim areas

Muslim involvement in politics quickly follows with the aim of normalizing the services and standards of municipal government to their standards. Social services are used to underfund more Islamic immigration and expansion. Men import multiple brides from their home country and register them as cousins. Social services covers the bills for these poor unfortunate “single mothers” who are actually in a polygamous marriage with their “cousin”. Entire areas of the city become “No-Go” Muslim areas, effectively capturing portions of a city and turning into mini-Islamic states. And these portions will of course expand and grow, displacing surrounding residents and neighborhoods. And once they have a foothold in a major regional city, they also have their boot on the region itself. By exploiting the conditions in an economically depressed area, Muslim immigration can quickly gain a much larger grip on the entire country. Even as their mosques and schools prepare the next generation to fight in every sense of the word, for an Islamic takeover, the rising presence of Islam in the country begins to move the Immigration Jihad to the next stage.

But like any takeover in which the enemy is allowed inside the gates, it could not happen without the active collaboration of those on the inside. And they have their various motivations. Left of center politicians and parties often expect that Muslim immigrants will serve as a reliable voting base for them, and they are correct about that—in the short term. Meanwhile more middle of the road pols see rising population figures as a regional net benefit and a shot at elevating their own political importance, without examining the consequences down the road. Companies are always on the lookout for cheap labor, and particularly in countries and areas with a low birth rate, there are always some dirty jobs that need doing. The jobs that Americans, Austrians, Frenchmen, Israelis and Norwegians don’t want to do. But those same jobs are also part of the critical infrastructure of a local economy. And by capturing them, they capture the base processes by which the system exists.

More civilized countries self destruct in order to save a penny, than in the name of any belief or ideology. And cheap labor and cheap votes are one of the more appealing economic drugs on the market. American industry dismantled itself to save money, and shipped off the parts to China, which now resells them to America. European industry tried to make do with Turks, Pakistanis and Yugoslavian Muslims. The American results were arguably less devastating, because the United States simply shipped its economy overseas to its enemy, instead of inviting its enemy in to maintain its economy for it.

And now even as European countries can’t help but notice that they are destroying themselves through Muslim immigration, still the process continues. Because there are too many powerful people who have too much to gain from the process to cut it off. And in many cases, it would often be too late to do so without a civil war. Vienna, which once effectively used residency registration to carefully control its population, now has entire foreign districts where few non-Muslims would willingly set foot for long. Because control is an illusion when you have imported enough Muslims, something that uptight social regimes slowly begin discovering to their own misfortune, only once there are clusters and collectives of them embedded in one area.

Islam Now Inside the Gates of Vienna

For Muslim countries, the Immigration Jihad is a profitable way to dispose of their own excess population. The average Muslim country suffers from heavy unemployment, or rather people employed on the far margins of the system, due to a rising birth rate. Immigration exports the population, and profits from the money they send back home to their relatives. Meanwhile the borders of Islam expand, and in the long term they are certain that the immigration targeted countries will eventually fall into their hands. And that is likely to be the case. The majority of Austrian Turks identify with Turkey, not Austria. Meanwhile Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan delivered an address to thousands of European Turkish politicians and leaders urging them to hold on to their dual citizenshps, to become politically active but not assimilate into their societies. Like the Saudi royal family, Erdogan sees an Islamic takeover of Europe happening. His mission is to speed it up by achieving EU membership for Turkey and the Islamization of the rest of Europe.

Unlike the old forms of conquest, the Immigration Jihad is profitable for the Muslim countries that launch it, while its main expenses are borne by the non-Muslim countries who are its victims, and are forced to subsidize the social services burdens, crime and terrorism costs imposed on them by their growing Muslim populations. It is a mass invasion on the cheap. One where the new immigrants send back the loot to their old countries, spearhead crime and smuggling networks that reach from Eastern Europe and to the Middle East, plunged like a fishhook into Europe. Where the cost of each child who is taught to grow up and fight for Islam is borne by the country he is being trained to destroy. And so the Gates of Vienna have fallen. And the rest of Europe is not far behind.


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