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The New Voice of the International Counterjihad

Posted by paulipoldie on July 19, 2010

by Baron Bodissey

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As I mentioned yesterday, Geert Wilders has launched a new initiative against Islamization called the “Geert Wilders International Freedom Alliance”. Below is an article from De Telegraaf about the launch of the new movement.

Many thanks to our Flemish correspondent VH for the translation of both the article the video, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Wilders is working on an international network

Geert Wilders is building an international umbrella organization for organizations and individuals who in his eyes “struggle for freedom and against Islam,” as does the PVV [Party for Freedom]. He strives to present the so-called International Freedom Alliance (IFA) at the end of this year, together with likeminded people in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, and France.

Wilders begins international movement

VIDEO exclusively for the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf, Geert Wilders talks about his plans to launch a new international movement. The “Geert Wilders International Freedom Alliance”. [A full transcript is at the bottom of this post.]

This is what the PVV leader announced Thursday (July 15). Wilders says he will work together with prominent persons on the IFA, but does not want to provide their names yet.

– – – – – – – – –

The people who want to support the IFA do not necessarily need to be directly politically active. According to Wilders many countries lack a voice such as the PVV provides, yet there is a need for it. For example, he pointed at French and British politics, where in his eyes, right-wing voters have to choose between conservative or “not quite fresh” extreme right and racist parties.

Notwithstanding the fact that the leader of the Party for Freedom in Dutch Parliament is now working on an international network, he said that his post will remain in the Netherlands: “99 percent of my work is here.” The idea for the IFA however, emerged abroad. “I was asked there: why is that voice not represented in our country?” Geert Wilders’ aim is a follow up on that.

Not a PVV International

“It is also is not a PVV International”, Wilders emphasized. It must be an umbrella for the like-minded in the world, to support each other. The IFA can provide financial, organizational and ideological support to individuals and organizations worldwide to “set something in motion “ and exercise “influence on politics”.

The selection for the IFA however, according to Wilders, must be done carefully. People and organizations must be willing to change something. They must have “the guts” and “be kosher”. By incorporating the protection of Israel in the principles of the umbrella organization, “we will, as I hope, also keep the wrong-headed outside the door,” he said.

The intention is that with the presentation at the end of this year, an IFA web site will also be launched. On his website a clarification will be provided in Dutch, English, French, German, and perhaps also in Arabic.

Video transcript:

0:05 I want to announce today that we will start an international movement,
0:12 [Dutch newspaper “De Telegraaf”]
0:16 the International Freedom Alliance,
0:18 “Geert Wilders International Freedom Alliance” it is has even been called,
0:20 is an international organization which focuses
0:24 — allow me to first say it in English — on two points:
0:28 Defend Freedom and Stop Islam.
0:31 The defense of our freedom and stopping Islam in the Western world.
0:36 This will be an international organization. We will focus first on five countries:
0:43 Canada, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Germany, and France.
0:46 In each of the five countries during the next six months
0:49 I will also deliver an address there and announce this [initiative].
0:52 I hope it will become a huge success.
0:55 For it is not just a Dutch problem that our freedom is being curtailed and Islam is advancing,
1:01 it is a problem for the entire free West,
1:04 and it is a problem that people — whether in the Netherlands,
1:08 or in Denmark, or in France — can always see, but the forces are not getting together.
1:14 And if we succeed in bundling those forces, and are able to help people to proclaim this voice
1:18 and are also able to change the political and social [situation] in their countries,
1:22 then this would be something magnificent.
1:26 It thus is a new initiative, and I have great expectations for it.
1:30 My basic work and responsibility of course lies in the Netherlands;
1:33 here I will continue to do 99% of my work,
1:35 and here in the Netherlands, in parliament, I will fight for those 1.5 million voters,
1:38 but the people in the Netherlands also are aware
1:40 that this is not just a Dutch problem, but a problem for the entire free West.
1:44 And to dedicate some of my energy to this also is more than worth it.
1:49 Q: “With this news, it is quite likely you will get the entire Muslim world all over you.
1:51 Are you ready for that?”
1:59 Yes, I am ready for that. I realize that very well.
2:03 It is not my intention, however; my intention is never to get other people all over me,
2:08 but I think that I also have a responsibility
2:12 which stretches farther than just the Netherlands,
2:16 and I think that we, by stopping Islamization and struggling for this freedom
2:21 — for you, for me, for journalists, for women, for people who want to leave Islam,
2:24 for children, for anyone else —
2:27 that we should take this seriously, and I want to stick my neck out for that.
2:31 We are going to do this in a very professional manner.
2:34 Again, we will take this on in a variety of countries.
2:38 Q: “You will also enter the debate?” I will also enter the debate, I will also go there.
2:41 Q: “with the Muslim community?”
2:43 Certainly, but this must be dealt with more at an international level,
2:48 and in many countries it will not be applauded, but that must not be a reason not to do this.
2:57 Q: “Why is this the moment to come forward with this?”
3:01 Well, of course I want to indicate that we will be coming up with this,
3:04 and this may also result in support.
3:06 You mention people and countries who undoubtedly may become angry with the initiative
3:10 but there will also be quite a lot of people who consider this to be a wonderful initiative.
3:14 I think, right after my trial —which if all goes well will be completed in November —
3:18 we will come forward with this.
3:21 Q: “But why do you announce the news today,
3:25 while you are right in the middle of [government-formation] talks?”
3:28 Well, I could also have done this last week or next month, there is no —
3:33 Q: “Could you no wait till after a new government has been formed?”
3:36 This could have been. That has nothing to do with it.
3:38 Look, if I were to be in the government myself,
3:41 I would not — except for this organization carrying my name — interfere with it.
3:44 Thus I’d step back, and I do not interfere,
3:46 so that is not at all standing in the way. And if I were to be in the opposition
3:49 I’d be more active in it.
3:51 It therefore does not in any way infringe with participation in a government.
3:55 Q: “Your safety, that will be even more at stake after this news.”
3:59 Yes, I hope not, but that may very well be, it is as you say.
4:03 Q: “You have taken that into account?”
4:05 Well look here, considering that for the past six years I have had protection,
4:08 where, every time I say something or do something, I take my security into consideration,
4:12 then I might as well go home and lock myself up in the bedroom,
4:15 spend the day in bed and watch TV,
4:18 which may be fun for one day, but that’s not what I intend to do.
4:23 So you should not always — actually, always not — let that be a guideline;
4:29 you may take that into account,
4:31 but you should not leave things behind because you are afraid of your safety.

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