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Hate Speech

Posted by paulipoldie on August 9, 2010

by Citizen Warrior

THE FOLLOWING are photographs of Muslim protesters from around the world. According to many Western governments and journalists, the protesters have every right to say these hateful things on their signs. But I am guilty of “hate speech” or “inciting hatred against a religious group” to show photographs of them doing so.


One Response to “Hate Speech”

  1. perceptor1 said

    The expression of hatred and threats of violence and death are the Moslem’s way of restoring his ‘honor’ and that of Allah and Mohammed. Allah needs Moslems to do this through sacred violence.

    When violent revenge is exacted (for cartoon insults), ‘honor’ is restored.

    ‘Honor’ is a subjective feeling. Moslems collectively decide when they have enough ‘honor’ (violent revenge) and can stop.

    Islamic hate rallies (such as you post) are merely the openers for real violence later. Those who wear masks are those who wish to do the violence and then return to their jobs working side by side with infidels. Wearing a mask helps the terrorist to blend in with regular Moslems and regular society. No one suspects he is a terrorist, so his ‘honor’ is unaffected. Besides, all jihad is glorious if infidels become ‘respectful’ (too afraid to speak) of Islam.

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