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“A Revolt From the Top Against Their People”

Posted by paulipoldie on November 6, 2010

Gates of Vienna

The full text of Michael Mannheimer’s speech in Amsterdam

As I mentioned a few days ago, the German journalist Michael Mannheimer gave a speech last Saturday at the rally for free speech in Amsterdam. Mr. Mannheimer spoke at length about the bloody history of Islamic aggression in Europe.

Our regular reader and commenter Heroyalwhyness kindly transcribed all four parts of the video for us. Henrik Ræder Clausen then filled in some of the difficult parts of the text, and edited the result into a more coherent form.

I have further modified their preliminary work by smoothing out some of the irregularities in the English and editing the prose for clarity. The result is below.

Byzantium: The Fall of Constantinople, 1453
Part 1:

Welcome. We are now in the year 2010 in the midst of the biggest threat to Europe in history.

We are in the midst of the third attack of Islam against Europe. The first attack took place shortly after Muhammad died, and the Muslim conquerors conquered Spain, and the Spanish Islamization took six hundred years and ended in 1492 with a big Reconquista. In spite of what in many books is written and written again, despite the “peaceful Cordoba Islam”, the truth was very different.

The truth was that the Muslims killed millions of Christians and Jews and destroyed churches, and it should be known that the second attack of the Ottoman Empire began with the conquest of Constantinople, and ended after the First World War, 1918. During this 455 years of Ottoman attacks against Europe, millions of people, millions of innocent Christians and Jews were killed under unbelievably cruel conditions.

Turkey, as the father of the Ottoman Empire, led altogether twenty-nine wars. Twenty-nine wars against Europe during these 455 years. And it is now undertaking its thirtieth war, because Turkey is now one of the leading Islamic countries in the world, on a par with Iran, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia.

In Turkish political circles they do not speak about Germany as “Germany”. They speak about “West Turkey” already. And we have seen how Erdogan came to Germany like a Caliph who wanted to control everything that is happening, and going on as if he wanted some kind of Islamization. But now we have a far bigger threat than ever in history of Europe. Much bigger even than the threats of Hitler and of communism. The difference is the following:

Hitler had a country of about 75 million people, and Hitler had an overall history of thirteen years in power. But the Muslims have had much greater experience, 1,400 years of Islamization on different fields. They are much better organized. They are worldwide, and they have 1.4 billion people behind them. The consequence of that power of the umma we see everyday. We saw it last time, very dramatically with the Mohammad cartoons in Denmark.

The difference is also that the frontier of this attack doesn’t lie along the borders of Europe. We don’t see the enemy as an enemy. The enemy is among us. The enemy is the system of Islam, and not necessarily the Muslim people. But thus far they are Muslims. In the same way they are fulfilling the main aim of Islam, which is conquering the world, as were the peace-loving among the Germans, who were a majority of 80% during the Hitler system, too.

Even with their lesser numbers they make the rest of Islam, a very bad power, strong. And they make it strong also by failing to criticize the bad things in their religion. Why don’t they criticize it? They don’t criticize it because it brings a death sentence to criticize Islam. This is an order by Mohammed. And this is the only religion in the world that does that; I have been in all religions.

I lived in Buddhist countries sixteen years. I lived in Hindu countries many, many years. I know the Christian and the Jewish. This is unique. No other country has an order to kill those who criticize their religion. And there is another order: killing those who abandon their religion, meaning Islam. So both these things are far and away against the human rights of Europe. The human rights of free speech and the human rights of free choices of human individuals to choose what they want. And this has nothing to do with the freedom of religion, which also involves the freedom having no religion.

Part 2:

[disturbance in the background] Ok, ok, ok… can you please bring this man away?

Some data about the third wave of attack. I will mention now, first, the demographic data:

1945 there were only 645,000 Muslims in Europe

Now in the year 2010 we already have 55 million Muslims, a number which is growing by one million immigrants from Muslim countries every year, and we will even get more by the Lisbon treaties, which demand more, one hundred million. I repeat, one hundred million Muslims by the year 2030. Of all immigrants since 1990, in the twenty years up to today the portion of Muslim immigrants was 90%. This is the information which you cannot read in the newspapers, and you will not hear that from politicians. In Sweden alone, in the capital of Sweden, there are twenty suburbs that have over 70% Muslims; by their increasing numbers, in five years most of them will have 100% Muslims.

The population growth of the Muslims in Europe is unique too. Every ten years, the number of Muslim doubles. This is by far the highest increase of population in history of mankind. This would mean that we would have about 6.5 billion more people worldwide in the year 2020. Thirteen billion people worldwide. We have a birth jihad. Imams in all mosques are demanding that their believers to make as many children as they can. I call it a birth jihad. So you see one of the results is Mohammed is already the first name most selected in Sweden, Norway, England and Holland. So listen, of all newborn, male children in those countries Mohammed is the most frequently given first name.

[Another disturbance.]

Ladies and gentlemen, the new fascism is showing up under the name of anti-fascism. You see that clearly here. The fascistic are the Left and Green parties all over Europe. They betray their own people concerning the facts of Islamization, and they have brought millions of Muslim people into Europe without asking their own peoples. They are betrayers of their own peoples. You have seen here one of the attacks… as have been done over the last ten years.

Part 3:

In Great Britain, in the last thirty years, the Muslim population grew from 82,000 to 2.5 million. That is 40 times more in the last thirty years. In Holland, over 50% of newborns are already Muslims. And in the year 2025, fifty percent of the population will be Muslim. In Belgium, 25% of population is already Muslim and 50% of all newborns are Muslim. In Germany, there is a government paper which says [three] things which I will translate into English.

  • The fall of the German population is unstoppable.
  • The downward spiral is irreversible.
  • In 2050, Germany will be an Islamic State.

This is an internal paper of the German government. You can find it in Google and read it. The social cost and criminal cost are always things which the media and politicians keep secret from their own populations. And so the media behave the same way as if they were oppressed by an outer power. They suppress their data. The real information and the truth, they have themselves controlled the information.

I’ll tell you some interesting facts about the social and criminal costs for Europe. In Switzerland, 80% of all social costs go to the 9% of immigrants. Now, politicians say, “we once installed the social system for keeping the original Swiss people from falling down, but now we just support Muslims.”

In Berlin, Germany — 70% of the intensive criminals in Berlin are Muslim. And listen: 90% of all criminals in Berlin are Muslims. 75% of all Turkish immigrants could not finish school, and 73% of all immigrants don’t work and are supported for life by the German social system. In France, 70% of all prisoners are Muslims but they are only 12% of the population. Ladies and gentlemen, these are facts which nobody can deny. I never was accused by my enemies when talking about the facts ,because it was proved by trial that those facts were right.

[Interruption by security cautioning attendants to move back away from stage for the safety of the speakers. Mr. Mannheimer requests for a policeman on his side — potential altercation not visible on screen]

In Norway, more than 50% of all social benefits go to Muslims. In Sweden €6.7 billion in social costs for Muslims. And their high [inaudible] rates like never before in the history of Sweden, the incidence of rape is now four times bigger than twenty years ago. Parallel to a four times higher Muslim population. In Oslo, in the year 2009, 100% of all rapists were non-indigenous people of Norway — they were Muslims.

The number of no-go areas in Europe is dramatically increasing, with over 1,000 no-go areas already. Imams in all mosques invite their believers not to pay tax anymore to the system, because this will bring the breakdown of Europe, will push it forward. They also pray: kill all homosexuals. They also pray: make as many kids as you can, you can make them and go to the social system. In mosques all over Europe they hold courses on how to get social money.

And, now listen: we have no “immigrant” problem in Europe. We have a problem only with Muslim immigrants. We have no problem with non-Muslim immigrants.

[applause — BRAVO]

And what is never said and never written, never in talk shows on TV or in newspaper, is that in the law of Islam, the Qur’an forbids Muslims under the threat of death to integrate into a non-Muslim country. I cite Qur’an Sura 5, Verse 51: “Oh, believers! Don’t make friends with Christians and Jews who are your neighbors. If you do that, you are no Muslims anymore and you will be treated worse than the unbelievers.” Ladies and gentlemen, this is being prayed in the mosques, which are pushed in the way of many politicians.

Part 4:

In Spain, an imam wrote a book: how to beat your wife properly. This book sold 800,000 copies and it goes back to the Sura for which says to the Muslims to beat their woman.

But, ladies and gentlemen, the real opponents, the real enemies aren’t the Muslims. No Muslims packed up their baggage and came here by foot. They were invited by the politicians by the millions and millions. Never have they asked the people of their countries to have it so. We have four supporters of Islamization. One is politicians. The second are the tripart of the churches. The third are the media, and the fourth are the intellectuals.

I’ll give you some examples. Left-wing and Green politicians always say in their speeches that Europe needs more and more Muslims in order that Europe will survive the next years. This is, ladies and gentlemen, one of the biggest lies in the present day. Because the real reason can be read in the book by Joschka Fischer — he wrote it in 1994 — The Risk Germany.

[ISBN 3462023411 Risiko Deutschland. Krise und Zukunft der deutschen Politik (Sondereinband) Joschka Fischer (Autor)]

They [the Greens] wrote it in order to bring future voters for their party because the native people did not vote the way they wanted in number. Fischer also said in this book that we have to put out our indigenous population and fill it with immigrants so that we can take power. To repeat, a German minister one of the leaders of the Green Party says: “I am happy if Germany disappears from the world map.”

This, ladies and gentlemen is the same as…


Muslims can beat their daughters very heavily to prevent them from integrating into the Western style in Italy. So, in Germany, in churches make rules that Muslim pupils don’t need to join class excursions from school, don’t need to take part in swimming lessons, and don’t need to take part in the gymnastic lessons. This, ladies and gentlemen is a general attack on indigenous Europeans from highest positions, against their own constitutions. This is a betrayal of most powerful people against their own country, and against the tradition and history of our great and free continent. If nothing else, a revolt from the top against their people.

What can we do against it?

I come now to the end. Accuse them, if you know those who are judged as breaking the law. Accuse him and bring him for trial. I propose that we remember all the names who are giving help and support to the Muslims, for a second Nuremberg trial which must be held in ten or twenty years. This is my deep belief. We cannot let those betrayers, those co-workers with one of the biggest — I say one of the biggest — totalitarian repressive systems, Islam, to get off without paying that which they have to pay.

Don’t vote for those parties who want to bring Muslims to power and bring more Muslims and more and more again to Europe.

Don’t buy those newspapers which lie about the real situation.

And I say, may this day be the beginning of a European and worldwide Reconquista of our Western values, and let us defend these values by all means, and with our lives.

Thank you very much.


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