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“Wouldn’t it be Better to Support the Peaceful Muslims (than to Criticize the Violent Ones)?”

Posted by paulipoldie on April 7, 2011

“Wouldn’t it be Better to Support the Peaceful Muslims (than to Criticize the Violent Ones)?”

Posted: 04 Apr 2011 11:11 PM PDT

EVEN IF the number of Muslims who believe in the basic political objective of Islam and are willing to vote in that direction (and take other actions) are as small a minority as people hope they are — this small minority is, by definition, more politically active and more committed than the “peaceful majority of Muslims.”

If the majority is largely silent and politically-inactive, then it doesn’t really matter what they think. They are having no influence on the public sphere.

In other words, the idea of stopping the Islamization of the West by strengthening, encouraging, and supporting politically-apathetic Muslims is a fool’s errand. This approach will do nothing. It will not stop the politically-active Muslims, and it will have very little impact on the apathetic Muslims, since they don’t really care much about politics or religion anyway, and they just want to live a normal life in peace.

As a matter of fact, supporting politically-apathetic Muslims may even strengthen the recruiting efforts of the jihadists because they will correctly see it as “attacking Islam,” since Islam strictly forbids apathy and commands active political participation from every Muslim.

It seems very encouraging when people say, “The vast majority of Muslims are not fanatics about their religion’s political goals.” But I think the author of Why the Peaceful Majority is Irrelevant made a persuasive point when he wrote that totalitarian ideologies do not need a majority to take over, and they never have. A small number of committed fanatics can easily dominate a larger number of people who just want to go about their lives in peace.

So let’s try to answer this question: Which approach would work better? Option number one: Educating non-Muslims about Islam’s prime directive so enough of us have enough knowledge to vote for policies that will stop the Islamization of the West? Or, option number two: Focus on supporting the peaceful Muslims.

How would we even “support the peaceful Muslims,” anyway? Give them more of a voice in newspapers, radio, and on television? That may actually make our situation worse, because almost no peaceful Muslims are publicly honest (or they are ignorant) about Islam’s doctrine. So if they spoke their minds more freely in the media, even more people would think Islam really is peaceful and loving, and they’d be even more likely to be fooled by the politically active orthodox Muslims, and thus more likely to continue to yield to Islam’s relentless encroachment, giving away concessions to these “peace-loving” people.

No, supporting the peaceful Muslims will not solve the problem. The answer is to educate non-Muslims about Islam, so they know what’s going on, so they stop being duped and deluded, and so they will help stop orthodox Islam’s destruction of the free world.

3 Responses to ““Wouldn’t it be Better to Support the Peaceful Muslims (than to Criticize the Violent Ones)?””

  1. perceptor1 said


    It is IRRELEVANT whether ‘moderate’ Muslims accept Islam’s PRIME DIRECTIVE or not.

    The doctrine of ‘Jihad & Hijra’ (attack and strategic retreat) remains Islam’s THIRD MOST ESSENTIAL DOCTRINE(usul ud-deen). This ESSENTIAL doctrine is eternal and won’t just go away.

    As long as Islam is followed AT ALL and as long as the marauder Mohammed is considered a demi-god…a ‘moderate’ Muslim can merely increase his faith and become a rip-snorting, full-blooded JIHADIST. This may occur in a heart beat…or during sessions reading jihadist websites or Facebook communities, or listening to a mullah’s fiery sermon quoting the sword verses in the Koran.

    ‘Moderate’ Moslems think of Mohammed as a kindly uncle figure, rather than a beheader, womanizer, assassinator, invader or genocidal tribal chief. They have never done a serious study of the Sira or Hadiths and have no idea of Mo’s true nature…self-serving, irritable, merciless. Mohammed’s method was to use fear to motivate people to submit, and sex and plunder to motivate them to kill. Islam cannot airbrush that out, but doesn’t draw attention to it either.

    The majority of Western peoples are too busy earning a living to read a lot about this pedophile pirate…it is too demoralizing and depressing for them as well.

    It is hard to teach people who are not motivated to learn…even when jihadist bombs go off three times every day somewhere in the world. Even this does not send people scurrying to learn the reason why Islam causes so much violence.

    Films about Islam have already got people killed. A film in a dry intellectual tone exposing the classic doctrine of jihad would have little effect, because few would watch it.

    Muslims are trying to shut down ‘stereotyping’ of Muslims, even though classic ‘consensus’ Islam demands absolute uniformity…sterotyping by conformity.

    We need politicians to lead the way as some are now doing in France and Germany.

    Islam is basically a rag-tag supremacist political party at war with all who resist it.

    This POLITICAL fact needs to be seen, observed and expressed by our political leaders.

    Their job is after all POLITICS.

  2. Anonymous said

    Sooner or later, the western rome will fall into muslim… peacefully… insyaallah…

  3. the world actually can win a nuclear war against islam,we can be totally done with them in 6 months,and we would be justified in concentration camps for them like they want to do to the jews,let’s turn the tables on this DEVIL OF islam,and its’ book the quran by the evil FALSE PROPHET muhammad.you see islam thinks we won’t do it to them,but they are completely wrong this is the only way to destroy them and we are the ones that have been saving these things for a bad enemy, and the WINNER AND FIRST PRIZE FOR ANNILIATION GOES TO islam the devils hatred of humanity. in one day we could make them all cowards and in 6 months take em down to the last man for gods’ and humanities sake. it is fun to kill evil. FOR EVIL TO CONQUER IS FOR GOOD MEN TO DO NOTHING

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