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The Norway Massacre and Europe’s War on Free Speech

Posted by paulipoldie on July 31, 2011

by Soeren Kern
July 28, 2011

Media outlets in Europe and the United States are accusing Western critics of Islam and multiculturalism of complicity in the mass killing of more than 70 people in Norway. The attempt to exploit this crime for political gain is not just a case of malicious opportunism. It also represents the latest and most unsavoury salvo in the long-running war on free speech in Europe.

Anders Behring Breivik, a deranged Norwegian accused of bombing government buildings in Oslo and then killing scores of young people during a 90-minute shooting rampage on a nearby camping island called Utoya, published a 1,500-page manifesto in which he vents his anger at the direction in which mostly leftwing elites in Norway and elsewhere in Europe are leading his country and the continent as a whole.

As it turns out, parts of the manifesto include cut-and-pasted blog posts from European and American analysts and writers who for years have been educating the general public about the destructive effects of multiculturalism and runaway Muslim immigration. By dint of duplicitous logic, these analysts and writers are now the victims of a smear campaign: multiculturalists are accusing them of inciting Breivik to murder.

These same analysts have, of course, been a constant bane on an unaccountable European elite determined to foist its post-modern, post-nationalist and post-Christian multicultural agenda on a sceptical European citizenry.

Unwilling to countenance opposition, these self-appointed guardians of European political correctness have laboured to silence public discussion about issues such as the rise of Islam in Europe and/or the failure of millions of Muslim immigrants to integrate into European society.

The primary weapon in this war on free speech has been lawfare: the malicious use of European courts to criminalize criticism of Islam.

Prosecutions of so-called anti-Islam hate speech are now commonplace in Europe. Some of the more well-known efforts to silence debate about Islam in Europe have involved high-profile individuals like Geert Wilders, a Dutch politician, and Brigitte Bardot, a French animal rights activist.

Other recent assaults on free speech in Europe include the show trials of: Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, a housewife in Austria, Susanne Winter, a politician in Austria, Lars Hedegaard, a journalist in Denmark, Jesper Langballe, a politician in Denmark, Jussi Kristian Halla-aho, a politician in Finland, Michel Houellebecq, a novelist in France, Gregorius Nekschot, the pseudonym of a cartoonist in the Netherlands, and the late Oriana Fallaci, a journalist and author in Italy.

In other cases, physical violence has been the preferred method of silencing contrary views of Islam in Europe. In 2002, for example, Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn was assassinated for his views on Muslim immigration, and in 2004, Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh was stabbed to death for producing a movie that criticized Islam. In 2010, Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard narrowly escaped being assassinated by an axe-wielding Muslim extremist in Aarhus, Denmark’s second-largest city.

Many theories attempt to explain the rise of multiculturalism in Europe. Among these is the idea that European elites, determined to prevent a repeat of the carnage of the Second World War, embraced multiculturalism as a tool to try to dilute or even eliminate the national ethnic, religious and or/cultural identities that contributed to centuries of violence in Europe.

But in recent years, the secular purveyors of European multiculturalism have moved far beyond their initial objective of creating an American-style “melting pot.” European socialists now view multiculturalism as a means to eliminate the entire Judeo-Christian worldview. This is certainly the case in Spain, where socialists have joined arms with Islam in a “Red-Green Alliance” to confront a common enemy, Christianity, as represented, in this case, by the Roman Catholic Church.

To be sure, decades of multiculturalism and Muslim immigration have already transformed Europe in ways unimaginable only a few decades ago. In Britain, for example, Muslims currently are campaigning to turn twelve British cities — including what they call “Londonistan” — into independent Islamic states. The so-called Islamic Emirates would function as autonomous enclaves ruled by Islamic Sharia law and operate entirely outside British jurisprudence. More than 80 Sharia courts are already operating in the country. At the same time, Mohammed is now the most common name for baby boys.

In France, large swaths of Muslim neighbourhoods are now considered “no-go” zones by French police. At last count, there are 751 Sensitive Urban Zones (Zones Urbaines Sensibles, ZUS), as they are euphemistically called. An estimated 5 million Muslims live in the ZUS, parts of France over which the French state has lost control.

In Germany, anti-Semitism (which is often disguised as anti-Zionism), has reached levels not seen since the Second World War. An April 2011 report, for example, found that 47.7% of Germans believe “Israel is conducting a war of extermination against the Palestinians,” and nearly 50% of Germans believe “Jews try to take advantage of having been victims of the Nazi era.”

In Norway, large sections of Oslo are being turned into Muslim enclaves subject to Sharia law and to the dictates of local imams. The citizens of Oslo are also struggling to cope with an epidemic of rapes. According to recent statistics, 100% of aggravated sexual assaults which resulted in rapes over the past three years were carried out by Muslim immigrants. Norwegians are now trying to deal with the large-scale torching of automobiles, which, as in France, is being attributed to Muslim youth.

In a Wall Street Journal essay titled “Inside the Mind of the Oslo Murderer,” Bruce Bawer, an American analyst who lives in Oslo, writes: “Norway, like the rest of Europe, is in serious trouble. Millions of European Muslims live in rigidly patriarchal families in rapidly growing enclaves where women are second-class citizens, and where non-Muslims dare not venture. Surveys show that an unsettling percentage of Muslims in Europe reject Western values, despise the countries they live in, support the execution of homosexuals, and want to replace democracy with Sharia law. (According to a poll conducted by the Telegraph, 40% of British Muslims want Sharia implemented in predominantly Muslim parts of the United Kingdom.)”

Bawer describes Norway as a country that stands out for its refusal to confront any of the real dangers posed by Islamic radicalism. He also says the failure of mainstream political leaders to responsibly address the challenges posed by Muslim immigration has contributed to the emergence of extremists like Breivik. Pressure cookers without a safety valve eventually will explode.

Bawer writes: “In bombing those government buildings and hunting down those campers, Breivik was not taking out people randomly. He considered the Labour Party, Norway’s dominant party since World War II, responsible for policies that are leading to the Islamization of Europe — and thus guilty of treason. The Oslo bombing was intended to be an execution of the party’s current leaders. The massacre at the camp — where young would-be politicians gathered to hear speeches by Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg and former Prime Minister Gro Harlem Brundtland — was meant to destroy its next generation of leaders.”

The question remains: in the aftermath of the attack, will the Norwegian left rethink its non-interventionist approach to Islam and Muslim immigration? In a number of other European countries, governments on the center-right have been doing an about-face on multiculturalism.

British Prime Minister David Cameron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy have all declared in recent months that multiculturalism has failed. In June, the Dutch government announced it would abandon the long-standing model of multiculturalism that has encouraged Muslim immigrants to create a parallel society within the Netherlands. In Spain, the conservative Popular Party, which is widely expected to win the next general election, has promised to enact new measures that will require all immigrants to learn the Spanish language to obtain residency permits.

Some analysts say these measures are too little too late. But one thing seems clear: European multiculturalists are feeling some unfamiliar political heat. After decades of high-handed stifling of debate, the gradual unravelling of multiculturalism in Europe explains the obsessive zeal with which many are exploiting the Norwegian tragedy.

By falsely accusing conservatives of complicity in a crime in which they had no part, multiculturalists are seeking to delegitimize and silence criticism of their social re-engineering scheme. But they are unlikely to succeed as the consequences of their worldview are becoming clear for all to see.

Hudson NY

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Pat Condell: Violence is not the answer

Posted by paulipoldie on July 31, 2011

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Melanie Phillips: Fanaticism, mass murder and the left

Posted by paulipoldie on July 30, 2011


Melanie Phillips: Fanaticism, mass murder and the left
26 July 2011

In the wake of the Norway atrocity and the reaction it has generated, I have
been thinking some more about hatred, fanaticism and moral confusion.

This shouldn’t need saying, but it does: there can be no excuse,
justification or rationale whatsoever for the atrocity perpetrated by Anders
Behring Breivik. The reason it unfortunately needs saying is that I have
been reading too many weaselly equivocations about this, along the lines of
‘Yes, it was indeed a most terrible atrocity and one’s heart bleeds for
those poor victims; but Norway’s politics towards Israel do stink/Norway’s
Labour Party stinks/Quisling’s country, say no more/the Islamisation of
Europe stinks/it was only a matter of time before someone was provoked by
the railroading of public opinion into doing something like this’.

No, no, no! Any variety of such ‘yes-buttery’ inescapably makes some kind of
excuse for the atrocity, however dressed up it may be in suitably pious
expressions of horror. There is never any justification for mass murder.
None. Any concerns about the Norwegian ambassador to Israel’s disgusting
comments or European Islamisation or anything else are a totally separate
matter and must be addressed through the democratic process of argument,
persuasion and public debate.

Not only can mass murder never be excused, but the notion that ‘it was only
a matter of time before someone was provoked into doing something like this’
is itself as nonsensical as it is obscene. Yes, there are a lot of people in
Europe who are angry — very angry indeed — about a whole host of things.
Some of them are decent people who are boiling with rage at being
disenfranchised by an entire political class which seems determined to
destroy their civilisation. Some of them have deeply unpleasant or racist
views about some of their fellow human beings. Some of them are so angry
they may join political groupings which resort on occasion to thuggery and
hooliganism (the BNP, EDL or the anti-globalisation riots all come to mind).
But violent as some of their behaviour may be, they would not travel to a
youth camp, invite the teenagers to gather round and then open fire on them
all with dum-dum bullets.

The suggestion that Breivik’s behaviour resulted from political rage – let
alone from reading thinkers such as John Locke, John Stuart Mill or Winston
Churchill – is frankly itself an opinion in need of treatment. The man is
either in the grip of a psychosis or he is a psychopath – in other words, a
grossly abnormal personality incapable of human feelings of empathy (my
money is on the latter). What he himself says about his own opinions or
state of mind therefore does not bear examination. Yet throughout the west,
apparently intelligent people have been not only ascribing to him rational
thought processes but have been poring over his own words to extract clues
about what made him do this. Repeat after me very slowly: Breivik did not
murder dozens of teenagers because he was ideologically opposed to cultural
Marxism; he mowed them down because he was grossly mentally abnormal.

In the Wall Street Journal, Bret Stephens makes a useful point – and also
explains why the frenzy of demonisation being directed at writers and
thinkers who were name-checked in Breivik’s ‘manifesto’ is quite so vile, as
well as deeply stupid. Observing that Breivik was neither Christian nor
conservative but intended to detonate an apocalypse, Stephens writes about
this particular pathology:

What it is is millennarian: the belief that all manner of redemptive
possibilities lie on just the other side of a crucible of unspeakable chaos
and suffering. At his arrest, Breivik called his acts ‘atrocious but
necessary.’ Stalin and other Marxists so despised by Breivik might have said
the same thing about party purges or the liquidation of the kulaks.

These are the politics that have largely defined our age and which
conservatives have, for the most part, been foremost in opposing. To attempt
to tar them with Breivik’s name is worse than a slur; it’s a concession to a
killer with pretensions of intellectual sophistication. And it’s a
misunderstanding of what he was all about.

Indeed. That’s why the relationship between even ultra-nationalistic
thinking and acts of terror is very different indeed from the relationship
between Islamist radicalism and Islamic acts of terror. The former is
characterised by terrorism perpetrated in pursuit of discrete and limited
aims. The latter aims to effect an apocalypse in order to bring about the
perfection of the world. The former may be appalling in its effects but is
nevertheless fundamentally rational since its goal, however noxious, is
achievable. The latter is fundamentally irrational since its goal is a
utopian fantasy. Consequently those who are in the grip of millenarian
apocalyptic fantasies tend to be lunatics or psychopaths; and so it is as
ridiculous to ascribe the pathologically murderous behaviour of Breivik to
political rage as it would be to do so in the case of Stalin, Hitler or

There is however yet another aspect of the millenarian mindset which should
not be overlooked. In my book The World Turned Upside Down: The Global
Battle over God, Truth and Power I consider at some length the millenarian
fantasies not just of modern-day Islamists but also of the modern left. (I
owe a debt of gratitude to Professor Richard Landes, who generously talked
me through millenarian theories when I was writing my book some two years
ago and whose own magnificent book on the subject, Heaven on Earth: The
Varieties of Millennial Experience, has just been published.)

All the totemic creeds of today’s ‘progressive’ classes  —
environmentalism, egalitarianism, multiculturalism, anti-Zionism and so on
— are millenarian, in that they all posit in their different ways the
perfection of the world (just like, in their time, the Inquisition,
Stalinism and fascism).

Consequently, today’s militantly secular leftists display some astonishing
similarities to both modern-day Islamists and medieval Christian fanatics.
There is the same belief in the Revealed Truth – Revealed, that is, to them
alone – from which no-one is permitted to dissent. Anyone who denies it is a
heretic and has to be destroyed. Because the left believes it embodies
virtue — on account of its desire to perfect the world – anyone who
dissents or opposes it is evil. Because it is Manichean, all who are not
left-wing are right-wing (even if they are in fact liberal). So all who
oppose the left are evil right-wingers who must be destroyed. That to
leftists is a moral project.

They are therefore in effect a modern secular Inquisition. They are in the
same mould as the religious and political totalitarian tyrannies of the
past; they make in this respect common cause with the Islamists whose agenda
poses a mortal threat to their own lives and liberties and most cherished
beliefs; and they share the characteristic of a closed thought system which
is totally impervious to reason and destroys all who challenge it with the
monsters of history and Anders Behring Breivik.

That is surely why the left seized upon the Norway atrocity with demented
joy and detonated a terrifying eruption of distortion and demonisation,
irrationality, hatred and sheer blood-lust as it saw in the ravings of
Anders Behring Breivik the mother and father of all smears which it could
use to crush those who refuse to surrender to cultural totalitarianism.  So
those of us who fight for life, liberty and western civilisation against
their enemies found ourselves – and by implication, the many millions who
share these mainstream views – grotesquely damned as accessories to mass
murder by those who actually cheer on religious fascists and genocidal
madmen and who are set upon silencing all who resist.

The appalling actions of a Norwegian psychopath tell us next to nothing
about our society. But the reaction to that atrocity tells us a great deal

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Debunking 6 Myths About Anders Breivik

Posted by paulipoldie on July 27, 2011

The Sultan has this to say:

1. Anders Behring Breivik was a Fundamentalist Christian

Breivik described himself as not a religious person and mentions praying only once. His plans leading up to the attacks involved multiple visits to prostitutes. In one section of his manifesto he clarifies what he means by Christian.

Q: Do I have to believe in God or Jesus in order to become a Justiciar Knight?

no, you don’t need to have a personal relationship with God or Jesus to fight for our Christian cultural heritage. It is enough that you are a Christian-agnostic or a Christian-atheist (an atheist who wants to preserve at least the basics of the European Christian cultural legacy

Breivik did call himself a Christian, but meant that in a cultural sense, rather than a theological one. He emphasized that he was not seeking a theocracy, but a secular society. His idea of a Christian Europe had nothing to do with religion.

2. Anders Behring Breivik Hated Muslims

Breivik viewed Muslims as the enemy, but only domestically. He emphasized that; “Knights Templar do not intend to persecute devout Muslims”

And he contemplated collaborating with them on terrorist attacks against Europe. “An alliance with the Jihadists might prove beneficial to both parties… We both share one common goal.”  The Caliphate was a useful enemy for his cause.

In Breivik’s own words, this is how such an arrangement would play out;

“They are asked to provide a biological compound manufactured by Muslim scientists in the Middle East. Hamas and several Jihadi groups have labs and they have the potential to provide such substances. Their problem is finding suitable martyrs who can pass “screenings” in Western Europe. This is where we come in. We will smuggle it in to the EU and distribute it at a target of our choosing. We must give them assurances that we are not to harm any Muslims etc.”

Ask yourself is these are the words of a anti-Jihadist who was fighting against Islam. Or a delusional European terrorist who was willing to ally with Jihadist against his fellow Europeans.

Breivik spells out that he is willing to kill Europeans on behalf of just about anyone…

There might come a time when we, the PCCTS, Knights Templar will consider to use or even to work as a proxy for the enemies of our enemies.

Under these circumstances, the PCCTS, Knights Templar will for the future consider working with the enemies of the EU/US hegemony such as Iran (South Korea is unlikely), al-Qaeda, al-Shabaab or the rest of the devout fractions of the Islamic Ummah with the intention for deployment of small nuclear, radiological, biological or chemical weapons in Western European capitals and other high priority locations.

Justiciar Knights and other European Christian martyrs can avoid the scrutiny normally reserved for individuals of Arab descent and we can ensure successful deployment and detonation in the location of our choice.

This should put to rest any idea that Breivik was on a crusade against Islam. He was a deluded man who imagined himself leading a takeover of Europe, even if he had to serve as a Muslim proxy to do it.

3. Anders Behring Breivik was Inspired by Counterjihad Bloggers

Except Breivik didn’t actually kill Muslims. Instead he claimed to be part of a modern Templar Knights organization that was going to take over Europe. Breivik played role playing video games obsessively. One of his favorites was Dragon Age, one of whose characters is a Templar Knight who hacks his way to power.

Did the game inspire Breivik to become a modern Templar Knight? As much as Catcher in the Rye inspired the murder of John Lennon.

Breivik was manic depressive and using steroids while obsessively acting out power fantasies. He built up a fantasy world that convinced him he could become, “…a hero of Europe… A perfect example which should be copied, applauded and celebrated. The Perfect Knight I have always strived to be.”

Trying to apply rational standards to Breivik is futile. Like many killers he was of above average intelligence, but below average sanity. Remove the politics, and Breivik fits the profile of most spree killers. He was angry at society, a loner, suffered from mental problems, abused drugs (in his case steroids) and acted out violent scenarios in violent video games.

4. Anders Behring Breivik was Pro-Israel

Breivik was in favor of allying with Israel, India and other minorities in the Muslim world as part of the struggle against Islam. The idea that he was a Zionist or felt any particular affinity for Israel is baseless. Rather Breivik describes the majority of German Jews as disloyal and suggests that if Hitler had deported them, instead of exterminating them he would have become a hero.

If the NSDAP had been isolationistic instead of imperialistic (expansionist) and just deported the Jews (to a liberated and Muslim free Zion) instead of massacring them, the anti-European hate ideology known as multiculturalism would have never been institutionalized in Western Europe

Breivik does mention that large numbers of Jews would have to be executed as Class A or Class B traitors, but urges targeting by political belief, rather than by race.

5. Anders Behring Breivik was a Moderate

Breivik pretended to be a moderate for tactical reasons. He explored National Socialism and formulated his own plan under another name. In his social networking, he describes, “sharing “moderate” resources from my book on debate groups to coach fellow cultural conservatives”. The quotation marks around moderate is in the original.

While most have swallowed the idea that Breivik was a counterjihadist, his actual plan was to exploit tensions over Muslim terrorism, in order to conduct a campaign of terrorism against European targets and seize power with a more stable version of National Socialism.

Breivik was not a Nazi himself, for tactical reasons, because he disagreed with Nazi expansionism. But his own plan called for the use of WMD’s in Europe and the mass murder of hundreds of thousands of traitors. The echoes of the Turner Diaries are very obviously present in his manifesto.

6. Anders Behring Breivik was a Political Terrorist

Breivik was not a member of a terrorist group, except in his own fantasies. His plan was to carry out an attack and become the hero of Europe. This is fairly typical lunacy. His plans were grandiose and detached from reality.

His main target was a children’s camp, his final notes are frenzied and he mentions having his thinking clouded by steroid withdrawal.

Breivik did have a plan, but it is detached enough from reality that it can hardly be called a serious political program. He did succeed in killing a large number of people, but so have many other lunatics. Nothing that Breivik did was the work of a sound mind.

Comparisons have been made to the Unabomber, but the Columbine killers and numerous others also come to mind. Including Charles Manson. Breivik’s program was just as grandiose as Manson’s, and just as deluded. Both hoped that a serious of violent acts would touch off a larger war that would enable them to take over.

Breivik is as much a political terrorist as Manson, and can no more be considered part of any larger cause, beyond the malformed chemicals in his own brain.

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The Dexter Factor

Posted by paulipoldie on July 27, 2011

from Gates of Vienna

We all know that the mainstream media have a double standard when it comes to political ideology. If you are a conservative — or even worse, a nationalist — you are held to a different standard than that applied to progressives and socialists. Those are just the rules of the game, and it’s been that way for a long time.

The double standard was glaringly revealed when the reading preferences of the man who confessed to committing last week’s atrocities in Norway were revealed. Anyone holding the wrong political opinions — especially “Islamophobic” ones — was held indirectly responsible for the murder of all those innocent people. None of those so implicated had ever supported or advocated violence, yet their writings were deemed to be an “inspiration” for the killer.

Many thanks to our Washington correspondent Frontinus for discovering an example of the other side of this double standard: a television program which the Oslo murderer loved, and which glorified a depraved serial killer. The same program has already inspired other successful murderers — so where is the liberal outrage?

The silence is deafening.

Norway Mass Murder: The Dexter Factor
by Frontinus

The appalling killing in Norway, and its purported justification via a 1500 page “compendium” by the mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik under the pseudonym “Andrew Berwick,” has let loose a remarkably well-coordinated campaign against any intellectuals who have opposed Islamisation or jihadists in Europe, a campaign pursued with meticulous precision by the New York Times, the leftwing blogs and the European press, executed against political leaders (Wilders, Merkel, Cameron, Sarkozy et al), against authors of books and opeds and essays, against human rights activists, anyone who has written or acted against violent jihad or the imposition of the violent doctrines of Shariah in western nations.

Anders Behring Breivik
But no one is talking about the Dexter Factor, which is this: “Andrew Berwick” liked the Dexter cable series about a ruthless and completely deceptive serial killer.

A ruthless and completely deceptive killer, a narrator detailing his murderous plans, proud of his clever ability to escape detection.

“Andrew Berwick” didn’t just watch Dexter, he found it “hilarious.” He wrote: “I am currently watching Dexter, the series about that forensic mass murderer. Quite hilarious. I’m also looking forward to watch the new movie-series about Carlos the Jackal (the Marxist-Islamist and Che wannabe scumbag).” He mentioned Dexter a second time in a list of other television programs he likes, a fanboy mixing explosives chatting about his viewing habits.

The Dexter series is about a forensic analyst for the Miami Police Department, on the surface a mild-mannered and psychopathically deceptive lab technician, secretly a serial killer. A brutal, methodical, self-justifying serial killer. The Dexter series is dedicated to glamorizing serial killing, with a focus on the mechanics of execution. A show explicitly and unashamedly glamorizing evil, justifying evil, and training in the specific operations of evil. With, of course, the occasional post-modern ironic, self-referential moment of doubt, to make it all a bit more socially acceptable.

Without shame. Without abhorrence.

No shaming for Dexter’s author, directors, actors, producers, advertisers. No shaming for them for being cited in “Berwick’s” compendium, no stern demands for censorship from the New York Times or the always trendy European media.

There are several glaring discrepancies in media coverage of the heartbreaking and enraging attack in Norway, but this one is obvious: this mass murderer “Andrew Berwick,” aka “Anders Behring Breivik” was a fan of a show about a serial killer that is widely reported to have been watched by, and said to have inspired, other murderers.

Of course, why would the media ever report on that? It is, to use that always useful phrase, “an inconvenient truth.”

Some background: Dexter is based on a series of novels by Jeff Lindsay with titles like “Dexter is Delicious” and “Dearly Devoted Dexter.” It airs on the cable network Showtime and in 2008, edited reruns began running on CBS. The actor Michael C. Hall plays the main character. Producers over the years have included Daniel Cerone, Clyde Phillips, Melissa Rosenberg, Clyde Phillips and Chip Johannessen. It’s received a lot of awards and presumably earned many people lots and lots of money. Nihilistic brutality and a “how-to” on escaping detection turns out to be a winning and lucrative programming formula.

But there have been costs to all that success — borne tragically and criminally by others. Dexter had been associated with at least three other murders before it was cited by fan and mass murderer “Andrew Berwick.”

Dexter Factor Murder #1: In 2008, Johnny Brian Altinger, 38, was reported missing October 10th. On October 31st Mark Andrew Twitchell, 29, was charged with first-degree murder. You can read the details of the crime here, where CBC News reported that:

Anstey said they were led to the garage because Altinger had e-mailed a friend the directions where he was told to go, and the friend kept that e-mail.

On his Facebook page, Twitchell is revealed to be a huge fan of the Showtime program Dexter, which follows the exploits of Dexter Morgan, a blood-spatter expert for the Miami police who also leads a secret life as a serial killer.

“We have a lot of information to suggest he definitely idolizes Dexter,” Anstey said.

Anstey also alleged the police have evidence that Twitchell tried to emulate the character.

Dexter Factor Murder #2: In December 2009, 17 year old Andrew Conley confessed to murdering his 10 year old brother Conner Conley. You can read the details of the crime here. Local news station WLWT reported:

Prosecutors said Conley admitted to police that he’d fantasized about killing someone since he was in eighth grade, and compared himself to a fictional serial killer on a cable television series.

“Andrew stated that he watches a show called ‘Dexter’ on Showtime, about a serial killer,” prosecutors said in an affidavit. “He stated, ‘I feel just like him.’“

You can read the affidavit here [pdf].

Dexter Factor Murder #3: In April, 2011, Maartens van der Merwe, 24, and Chané van Heerden, 20, were arrested in Welkom, South Africa, in connection with the death of 24-year-old Michael van Eck. You can read the details of the crime here as reported in the local Afrikaans paper Nuus 24, in google translation:

Several people close to the couple has any connection to organized Satanism denies and instead focused on a history of psychological problems and a fantasy world where the two lived.

The couple loved the bloodthirsty TV series Dexter and the Van Zyl family says the couple’s relationship was a mirror image of a deadly, deadly partnership in the latest season of the TV series. …

In their world was the character Dexter Morgan and Pierce Lumen of the TV series Dexter.

Maartens van der Merwe and van Heerden Chané loved the series about a forensic bloeddeskundige which is actually a serial killer and include opkap corpses.

They met Dexter and Lumen in real life and on Facebook called.

The newly engaged couple have five season of Dexter regularly Van der Merwe’s PC views.

It develops the story in a macabre partnership between Dexter and Lumen which then begins with murder.

They are attracted to each other due to the “dark passengers” or dark side of their personality that they recognize and nurture each other.

And it’s disturbing similar to what Van Heerden and Van der Merwe had happened, said Dusty van Zyl, a close friend.

Is it free speech for Dexter’s producers to create television programming that reportedly inspires murderers — including being cited by “Andrew Berwick” before he committed a mass murder? Absolutely.

Is it hypocritical of publications across Europe — and America — to accuse those whose writings are against violence, of influencing Berwick/Breivik, while saying nothing about his enthusiasm for a program reported to have influenced at least three other murderers?


Actually, I’m just curious. If asked by someone in the media or law enforcement about the Norway mass murderer’s enthusiasm for their show — what will Showtime, CBS, Daniel Cerone, Clyde Phillips, Melissa Rosenberg, Clyde Phillips, Chip Johannessen and Michael C. Hall say? That they are not responsible for being watched and cited in a madman’s ranting?

But then, if they are not responsible — if this trendy brutal show’s producers and writers are not responsible for influencing Breivik — then why are the media holding responsible these other political leaders, writers, human rights activists and journalists worldwide who oppose brutality rather than making a buck off it?

That’s the question posed by the Dexter Factor.

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