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May 11, 2008: Serge Trifkovic: Can The West Be Saved?
Keynote Speech at Mission Europa’s Counterjihad Vienna 2008: Defending Civil Liberties in Europe workshops

Working Papers (Drafts For Review – May 2008)

1. Cases of repression of civil liberties: freedom of expression and freedom of assembly

– Survey of Readings on Free Expression and Recent Laws and Resolutions

Cases of Civil Liberties and Oppression from Several European Countries
Baron Bodissey, Editor (multiple contributors)

– Freedom of Speech in Austria
ESW and HF

Shooting The Messenger: Some observations about the reception of Geert Wilders’ short film Fitna
Anna Schönberger

2. Analysis of Political and legislative repression of civil liberties

The Lisbon Treaty
Henrik Clausen

Freedom of Speech in the European Union – the Implications of the Lisbon Treaty and the European Arrest Warrant
BY Edgar K. Selzer, Ambassador

3. Building alternative networks to preserve civil liberties

Distributed Emergence: Networking the Counterjihad
Baron Bodissey

4. Projects to protect  civil liberties in Europe



Many papers on protecting civil liberties against the repression of Shariah Law and Islamisation across Europe here at Counterjihad Europa

On Austria – Islam in Österreich (in English)
E.S.W., Oktober 2007

Hate Speech Laws in Europe and the Role of the European Union (Excerpt), Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Society of Criminology, Atlanta, Georgia, Nov 13, 2007 by Tracy

The Islamisation of European Anti-Semitism
Andrew Bostom

International Law and Gaza: The Assault on Israel’s Right to Self-Defense (pdf)
JCPA article online
Abraham Bell, January 2008

Anti-Israeli Bias in the European Parliament and Other European Union Institutions (pdf)
An Interview with Rijk van Dam

The Case Against Sharon in Belgium: A Case Analysis
JCPA article online
Interview with Irit Kohn

Canada: Summary of Past Tribunal Decisions on Section 13 cases

USA: Free Speech Protection Act

The Muslim Brotherhood in Belgium (April 14, 2008 Report)
Steve Merley, Senior Analyst, The NEFA Foundation

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